The new 2.0 Series Product is designed to extend the parts to the newest configurations available on the real aircraft. The 2.0 Series AFDS is designed to fit the new FDS-B737NG-MIPMAIN-2.0 or other scale sized MIPs.


  • Accurate Panel Shape and Appearance
  • Multi-Color Switches Based on the Real Aircraft Config
  • Interface Ready Design
  • Wiring Harness Included
  • Custom Switches and Inlays
  • Includes Panel
  • AP P/RST (Red and Amber Backlit Switch
  • AT P/RST (Red and Amber Backlit Switch
  • FMC P/RST (Amber Backlit Switch


The AFDS on the real aircraft has different colors for different situations. The AT and the AP indicators can be illuminated in Red or Amber depending on flight/system status.

Please feel free to email for details on interfacing or mounting

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