This highly detailed "PRO-MX" Series Instrument Panel Set is designed for our "Professional" and "High End Enthusiast Builder" Fixed Based Procedural Trainers (FBPTs) but made available as a separate item. Designed to meet the highest levels of realism and attention to detail we feature our "Integrated Backlighting" Panels and a totally revamped Aluminum MIP with numerous new Structural elements included. For 2013 we offer the revised "2.0" version MIP that is configured to meet the latest NG Flightdecks that are coming on line.

This package is composed of the same parts we use for our B737NG DSTD and Full B737NG FBPTs.


  • Scale Design
  • Powder Coat Finish for super durable finish
  • Aluminum Construction (Lightweight and very solid!)
  • One Piece MIP Design
  • Metal Lower Angled Sections
  • New Machined Display Frames and Lenses
  • New Machined ISIS/RMI
  • New Machined Replica Clocks
  • IBL Series Backlit Panels (5volt, Real Aircraft Bulbs!) (W/ Knob backlight capability!)
  • New Structural Components
  • Reduced Shipping Size
  • LCD Monitor Support Shelf
  • Optional CDU Bay ($499.95, please see B737NG Page)
  • Optional Glare Shield Package (Please see B737NG Page)

Product Video

IBL Series Panels


All our great PC Board Based Accessories are available Plus more more more! Please click on the small image to the left to see a detailed picture showing all the included elements of the package.

Numerous optional items are available on the B737NG page and/or in the "Hardware Profiles".

Please email if you have any questions.

Please note that the 2.0 version MIP has upgraded elements and as such the above pictures need to be updated. The 2.0 MIP now accomodates the new High Level AFDS devices, New RAAS panel (Lower FO Side) as well as four newly added Annunciators. There is a revised optional hardware package available to outfit this device, please see the 737NG Product page for more details.

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