The FDS-B737NG-ELEC-CAB-SYS unit is designed to manage the two primary "display/control" sections on the B737NG Overhead.


  • 7 Segment Display Module
  • 2 x VRS45PCB Units
  • Wiring and connectors
  • The Cabin Press portion includes:
  • Dual 7-Segment Displays
  • Dual Rotary Encoders/Knobs
  • Cable and Wiring


The FDS-B737NG-ELEC-CAB-SYS setup can be used as standalone units when connected to our SYS proprietary software. The complete Electrical and Cabin Press panel components can be wired to the module and connect via USB. Avionics software functionality is required for full implementation. Setup is done via FDS Provided XML files that are imported into our SYS software. Sets up in minutes. (IBL Panels and some hardware optional)

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