B747 Overhead Fire Warning Panel

For the serious training device we offer the fully functional PRO-M Series Fire Warning setup for the B747. These precision machined components are all "interface ready" and function with their real life counterparts in mind.


  • 5 x PRO-M Series Fire Handles
  • Precision machined Components
  • Custom PC Board for full Annunciator illumination
  • "Pull to Arm/Twist to Activate" Functionality/li>
  • Functional "Override Release Pin"
  • Professionally lettered Annunciators
  • IBL Series (Integrated Backlit) Panel
  • Custom Welded Back plate
  • FDS-EM1 Switches and FDS-AN1 Hardware
  • Prewired and "Interface Ready"


Please email for pricing and options.

B737, B757, B767, B777 types also available.

Count on FDS to provide affordable, high quality components for your next project.