B777 Steering Tiller Unit / Aft Structure (Capt And FO)

It's all in the details as they say. Part of what makes a FDS FBPT shine in terms of its appearance and in turn ability to mimic the real aircraft is the details. Our Internal structures are one of the high lights throughout the entire FDS FBPT lineup. For the B777, all the unique shapes and details are embedded in our Steering Tiller and Aft Structual parts.


  • Aluminum Material For Light Weights and Rigidity
  • Accurate Industrial Powder Coat Finish for Durability and consistency
  • Built In "Interface Ready" Steering Tillers
  • Replica EFB Support Elements for add on EFB Setups
  • IBL Series (Green Backlight!) Heater Panel
  • Detail parts and decals all included
  • Sold in Aircraft Pairs (Captain and First Officer Sides)

Count on FDS to provide affordable, high quality components for your next project.