B777 Glare Shield Structure

The perfect compliment to our B777 MIP/MAIN package. This Glare Shield package is a featured component in our Dual Seat Trainer and used in our B777 FBPT product. As such, it delivers high on realism and simplifies the construction process with bolt together parts and fixtures.


  • Laser Cut Metal Top Glare shield surface
  • Machined Metal support bars
  • Metal brackets and mounting elements (for directly bolting on to the B777 MIP/Main)
  • Glare Wing Units (Includes Hardware/Knobs)
  • IBL Series "Outboard Wing Panel"
  • Includes ACPT/CANC/RECALL Switch Packs
  • Under Glare Wing Cover Plates (Powder Coated Finish)
  • MCP/EFIS Lower Cover Plate (Aluminum, Powder Coated Finish)
  • All Metal MCP/EFIS Support Housing
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Includes Accurate Machined Lower Checklist Insert Pocket


The PRO-M Glare Shield Package can easily ship with the B777 MIP/MAIN product for excellent savings on shipping costs.

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