A Practical and Affordable Solution to Realistic Cockpit Training and Simulation. True Scale, All Metal Assembly and Precision Touch provide a very realistic B777 experience. Expandable to include a stand alone Pedestal, Throttle, Overhead or a full blown FDS Quality Fixed Based Procedural Trainer (FBPT). This configuration is in use by Aerospace/Airframers for real aircraft development, Government Agencies and High End Enthusists who demand professional level hardware at affordable prices.


  • True Scale
  • Sturdy Metal Framework and Assembly
  • Machined Display Frames
  • Precise and Realistic FDS Proprietary Integrated Backlit Panels (IBL)
  • FDS-B777-PRO-MX Mode Control Panel (USB Plug and Play)
  • FDS-B777-PRO-MX Captain and First Officer EFIS Units(USB PnP)
  • FDS-G3 Glare Interface (New in 2010)
  • FDS-SYS4X System Interface Board/Software
  • New! PRO-MX CDUs with VGA LCD (Backlit Keyboard/USB PnP)
  • Realistic B777 Landing Gear Unit
  • All Panel Annunciators, Switches, Rotaries - Function Capable
  • Replica B777 Control Knobs
  • Universal Mounting Frames for LCD Panels (PFD, ND, EICAS)
  • All Primary LCDs Included! (2 x 19"/1 x 15")
  • Lower EICAS LCD with Custom Holder
  • Lighting Pack for Under Glare, Under MCP Drop Lighting (With Dimming)
  • IBL Panel Dimming


Fully Assembled (Just add Computers/Software)

The B777R-PRO-MX DSTD is best suited for operation using Sim-Avionics or Project Magenta software suites. Software is not included unless indicated.

Crating and Shipping Costs are based on ship-To location/shipper/method.

PLEASE NOTE: Some pictures show optional items like Software, Rudder Pedals, Platform and yokes. These are available but optional items.

"IBL" and "Integrated Backlighting" are "Trade/Brand" names created By Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) to describe Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)products. IBL panels in name and Concept are the intellectual property of FDS and subject to trademark/copyright laws as governed by law.

Count on FDS to provide affordable, high quality components for your next project.