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** Version 1.70 ** Available

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:31 am    Post subject: ** Version 1.70 ** Available Reply with quote

Please find version 1.70 available here Dancing

Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20Main%20Installer%201.70.exe

Version 1.70 is designed to be run with the new aircraft packs (found below).
The new aircraft are now added using their own installers, and contain new tuned flight dynamics, improved sounds and special Landing, Taxi and Turnoff lights.
The aircraft for use with Sim-Avionics are available Free of Charge.

New 737 Aircraft Pack
Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20737%20Aircraft%20v1.4.exe

New 777 Aircraft Pack
Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20777%20Aircraft%20v1.3.exe

There is also an updated Sound Pack that is required.
Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Sound%20Pack.exe
(Please Note: You may get Sound Module errors if this sound pack has not been installed)

There are now 3 buttons on the Server [Autopilot / Recalls] tab.
They recall the new defaults for :
Autopilot Tuning,
Flaps Configuration,
Engine Parameters.

It is important that you press each of these buttons to update your condig files and then SAVE the aircraft config in the Server, by going to "Aircraft Specific > Save Aircraft". This will write the values to your loaded .cfg file.

This update is suitable for all Sim-Avionics users : Jetmax, SSTD+ and DSTD+

The full Jetmax installers can be found below.
These are only require if you are installing a Jetmax from scratch.
If you already have your Jetmax system installed then you should run the standard installer at the top of this post.

Arrow Full 737 Jetmax Installer - http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20JETMAX%20737%20Installer%201.70.exe

Arrow Full 777 Jetmax Installer - http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20JETMAX%20777%20Installer%201.70.exe

Please report any problems to me at support@sim-avionics.com

This update contains numerous changes and updates, these include:
Version 1.70

# Added [Autopilot and Recalls] tab, containing : Autopilot, Flaps and Engine parameter recalls.
   These buttons are used to recall the latest A/P, Flaps and Engine parameters.
   These should be used when updating to a new program version to ensure all of the required parameters are present.

   If the A/P settings are wrong the autopilot may react uncontrollably.
   If the Flap settings are wrong, the systems will not know when a particular flap position has been reached.
   If the Engine parameters are wrong you may see strange engine start parameters or an unresponsive throttle.

# VNAV Changes :
   # Many VNAV adjustments have been made : CRZ Descents, Idle Descents, Approach Descents have all been improved.
   # VNAV Descent : Underspeed A/T switched to FMC SPEED to pick up Target Speed
   # VNAV Descent : Profile changes to better calculate deccel points.
   # VNAV SPD Altitude Protection added. During VNAV SPD Descents FMC Altitude Constraints are respected.
# Same with LNAV. Lots of Tracking and Turn updates have been made.

# Added STOL Flap option to Aircraft Options 2 Tab. Slats fully extend at 10, or at 30 for STOL option.
# Correction to individual stick shaker outputs
# Broken, Fixed, Broken and Re-Fixed ACARS messaging via Hoppie.nl
# 777 - Added Take Off Config GEAR STEERING
   Sounded/Displayed if Nose Wheel or Rudder is outside of T/O config null zone.
   Gear Steering T/O Config null zone added to Flight Controls Page
# Window Heater logic adjusted
# Window Heat Power Test - now only works when Window Heat Switches are ON
# Pressurization Logic Adjusted
# New function added to FSUIPC_IO : TAT_TEST_SWITCH=
# Added Multifunction 433 = Stop GND Call    (431 = Starts GND Call)
# 737 - VOR/LOC uses the Master (MA) F/D to determine which course it will track. (Previously it was linked to CMDA or CMDB)
# Added Option to SERVER.INI
# High Altitude Landing Operation button added to Overhead.
   Changes the Cabin Altitude Warning from 10000ft to 12500 ft.
# Thrust Ref Controller changed to keep results consistant on all systems.
   The A/P looks pretty solid now across all systems. (No oscillations)
   The Thrust Ref showed signs of oscillations trying to target certain thrust settings on 'Some' systems.
# Fixed problem with Thrust Ref overrunning limit
# Start valve always opens regardless of Pack selection. (But there may not be enough bleed air to spin the engine)
# Duct Pressure below 20 PSI will cause a slow rotation
# Autobrake Disarm light does not come on after Takeoff.
# Oxygen check sound, changed to continuous loop
# Fuel Crossfeed can be enabled with engines off
# BARO MINS Linking - BARO also linked for STD, preventing ALT DISAGREE msgs on Single Seat Sims.
# 737 Sixpack now lit whilst the button is being pressed.
# Test Flights Added : 5 Test flight have been setup and can be loaded from the Server Menu > Test Flights.
   These will position your aircraft at the start of the runway.
   Clear the weather.
   Load the Fuel.
   Set the ZFW.
   Load the FMC.
   Set the A/P for takeoff.
   Set Flaps 5.
   The idea behind this is to setup some 'standard' routes to fly that can be used as reference flights.
   All of the flights are fairly short, and contain various crossing restrictions on departure and approach.
      KLAS > KLAX (7000ft restriction on departure, 15000 set on the MCP to show VNAV ALT, set as desired)
      KLAX > KLAS (Vector on Departure, Level restrictions on the descent)
      EGLL > EGCC (6000ft restriction on departure, Procedure Turn on Approach)
      EGCC > EGLL (5000ft and 180kts restriction on Departure, restrictions on the descent)
      KLAS > KPSP (7000ft restriction on departure, RNAV arrival into KPSP (No ILS))

   All flights will require the tuning of the ILS (737), and the usual ILS capture procedure.   
# 777 FPA fixed - (not sure when that went wrong)
# OIL QTY Unit can be set to : %, Qts or Ltr

New Sim-Avionics Aircraft available containing Landing Lights. (Included with permission of Steve Cozen - Thanks Steve !).
(Note : You must switch to Virtual Cockpit mode to see the Lights)
Operational lights are :
   Fixed Landing Lights   - Paired together
   Retractable Landing Lights   - Paired together
   Runway Turnoff Lights   - Paired together
   Taxi Light
   The Aircraft is available as a separate download.

# Modication to the FD visuals - also in 'wing' mode
# CTRL + F2 =Display Cpt Analogue Trim Gauge
# Added Backup Magnetic Compass Graphic. - Enable with CTRL + F1
# White information box around GS/MACH on Speedtape Added on when switching from GS to MACH (@~0.4).
# LAND 3 removed from 737 mode in OP FAIL Mode.
# RST button now - blanks and sets Minimums to zero on second press
# Visual changes to Terrain Radar
# Fixed ND crash when using ASN weather with the range set > 160

# Added Left Click on Left/Right of 'knobs' for better touchscreen compatibility
# 777 C/B Panel detail added
# 777 Graphics Updated
# 777 knobs turned left by Left clicking on the Left half of the knob, and turned right by left clicking on the right half of th knob.
   This is to assist with using the OH on a touchscreen monitor.
# "B" keypress added to remove borders.
# Mouse wheel zooms the overhead. CTRL + mouse wheel used for fine adjustments

# Added Board Assignment Memory
   When all boards are connected got : File > Save Attached Board Status
   Save Tab > Save Attached Board Status
   This will store the attached board serials into the ASSIGNMENTS.INI unser [SAVED_BOARD_CONNECTION_INFO]
   This list is then used as a checklist when the SYSBoard controller is started to verify is a board it missing or an unknown board has been connected.
   The following warning Msgs have been added :
   These are for information only.

# Inputs and Outputs assignments have been grouped into expanding menus.
   'Find' will still work.
# Fixes a problem causing the system to slowdown and lock up when a new transponder code is entered.
   New XPNDR Logic info:
      To bring the XPNDR logic more inline with the real aircraft some changes have been made.
      To enter a new Squawk Code just start typing the new number. (CLR is not required)
      CLR is used as a backspace whilst entering a new code, incase a typing mistake is made.
      Once the 4th digit is entered, if you have made a mistake you have up to 3 seconds in which to cancel it - by pressing the CLR key.
      The code will then revert back to the last confirmed code.

      Once the 4th digit is entered, after 3 seconds the new code will flash once confirming that it has been accepted.

      As there is no 'Test' button on the FDS XPNDR, some logic has been added that a test is performed when the XPNDR switch is moved from STBY to AUTO (or ON).
      You will see "TCAS TEST" on the ND and some test traffic displayed. After the test you will here "TCAS Test Passed".

      If you perform the test without establishing AC power, you will see "TCAS TEST" on the ND, No Traffic. After the test you will here "TCAS Test Failed".
      To clear the failure you should establish AC power and repleat the test.
# Performance Optimisations added
   Outputs sent 'on change'  - checkbox added and selected on by Default.
# Integration added for FDS Ethernet Radios
# Integration added for Flight Illusion 737 OH Gauges + Compass
# MIP N1 / SPD Ref input assignments added.

# 737 specific changed to PROGRESS Page (Added 'previous waypoint' to top line)
# More LNAV VNAV adjustments
# Loading Routes
   The first waypoint is not loaded - IF the first waypoint is the Origin Airport.
   This happens if the FP is created in FSX or PFPX.
# Numerous Navdata Validations added
# Added Step Climb Prediction to CRZ Page (777 automatic step climb will be added next)
# PROG Page DEST Fuel and ETA fixed
# Fixed Payload Display in Pounds. (It was being converted twice KGs-LBs)

# Added bank angle and (AUTO/1000) click spots.
   Press 'C' to display Click zones.
# General Graphics Updated
# Fuel predictions improved
# Holds Auto populate Best SPD
# Holds added EFC Time
# Speed Reduction prior to hold
# Fix Quadrant Display error
# Speed reduction if Cruise Alt = DES Trans Alt
# FIX Page - Abeam point can be copied to Scratchpad for entry into LEGS (FIXRAD/DIST)
# FIX Page - added 6 boxes on the blank FIX input entry
# Anti Ice ON/OFF should affect the Takeoff Page N1 values
# Added FIX - PRED ETA-ALT  function
# Added VNAV ENG OUT Page

# Changes to prevent crashes during shutdown and selecting different soundcard outputs.
# 5.1 surround mode added.
   Stereo sounds will go to the Front Speakers.         (Speakers in Overhead)
   Mono Sounds will go to the Centre Speaker.         (Speaker in Pedestal)
   The Wiper and Wind sounds will go to the Rear Speakers.      (Speakers rear of Glareshield)
   Bass Sounds goto Sub.               (Sub Under Sim)

Please Note that the New aircraft files are installed in FSX/P3D and the Installer installs the aircraft in the "MAIN FS Folder" on your FSX/P3D computer.
Mark Hastings
Software Developer
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