A Few Rare Hours

On my recent trip overseas I had the pleasure of a personal tour of the KLM Maintenance facility at Schipol with nihad Allush.

While I was in Holland a few weeks back I had the chance to meet with a long time "On Line" friend, Nihad Allush. I have known Nihad for years through the Hobby and have communicated in depth over ICQ and email. When I mentioned to Nihad that I would be attending the event in Delft he arranged for a tour of his workplace. KLM's Maintenance hangars at Schipol!

  • Pic 1, Nihad siting Right seat in one of the company MD-11s
  • Pic 2, P Cos sitting right seat in the MD-11. Always loved the DC-10 and this was my first shot at seeing the flightdeck of the "11"

the second aircraft type that we managed to get into for a look was a company B767-300er. Pics 3, 4 and 5.

  • One of the best shots I took. Standing on the wingtip of a B747-400! (Pic 6)
  • Ok. second best shot! Standing on a scaffold touching the tip of the tail of a B747-300 in for upgrades!! (Pic 7) This was amazing.

Nihad took me through all the various hangars but his favorite seems to be the Heavies. The balance of pics are of B747-400s, Pics 8 and 9 were my attempts at being artistic! Pic 10 is of one of the newest members of the KLM Fleet. A B747-400FER... We were close to getting inside but the ground power was not hooked up completely and it was too dark to crawl up through the maintenance hatch! Drats! Next time...

A super "thank you" for a fantastic tour through a spectacular facility. Such an interesting perspective of the aircraft we all love and so many interesting behind the scenes stories. Thank You Nihad!!

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