Australia Bound FDS-A320-FBPT

Always a nice sight when another A320 FBPT rolls out of our shop and is on its way to a new home. This particular one features some real Airbus seats from an A310 and really helps to capture the look and feel of the real A320. The FDS team pushed very hard and will see this one shipped intact as opposed to being taken apart for shipping. This FBPT will see action in a mobile rig and will tour many parts of Australia bringing the experience of "Flying a Bus" to many folks that will likely never see the real flightdeck of one of these beautiful aircraft. Thanks to all the FDS Crew for the attention to detail, Thanks Steve, Matt, Jeff, and Taylor for the excellent results. Big thanks to Shawn for the great design work and for continuing our push up that steep hill we call "development". Feel free to talk to us about your Simulation needs, be it parts, PnP Sections or complete FBPTs like the A320 here.

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