Boeing Museum Of Flight

At the Museum of Flight there are some serious icons of aviation history. Some of the pics here showcase the sights you can see and absorb

(B747 #1) The main objective of my trip to this museum was to touch and capture some shots of this historical aircraft. Truly a sight to see. You really felt a sense of history standing near this beautiful bird. Thankfully Boeing managed to keep this aircraft in a safe place

Close up of the nose, Pilot names clearly visible

Shot of the tail, familiar livery.. I have been looking at pics of this for .. ok. alot of years.. smile

Air Force One. Amazing to see this.. JFK, LBJ among others graced this aircraft. Not as fancy as you would think but for its time.. Likely it was.

Concorde Nose. Was able to walk through this aircraft and it was one of the latest configurations in terms of the interiors

Air Force One and B747 #1

Interior shot of the Air Force One. Meeting Roon. JFKs Pipe Holder still in place.

Air Force Flightdeck. Pristine condition.

My attempt at being Artistic. Inside the museum. SR-71. Head On. Amazing to see this aircraft.

B737-200 Nose section. The museum is using this setup as a theatre for visitors. You can sit in a seat and view a Movie on the muesum. The Flightdeck was in perfect shape.

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