EADS - Cabin Crew Trainer

EADS RST Rostock System-Technik GmbH in Germany is a world leading Cabin Crew Trainer Manufacturer. EADS-RST approached Flightdeck Solutions to source replica and functional A320 parts for a full scale mockup. Several EM1 based IBL panels alongside mockup pieces to represent the various sections of the aircraft flightdeck. Flightdeck Solutions took a unique approach by making "tactile" panels as opposed to paper/poster units for the Overhead and Pedestal. The pictures show the level of fidelity EADS-RST brings to their trainer units. Real aircraft parts are the rule as opposed to replica and highly realistic systems mean a very realistic training environment. LCDs mounted externally can be seen, used to visually alert trainees to the external conditions. Many thanks to EADS-RST for going with Flightdeck Solutions. Special thanks to GB.

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