FDS-A380 Corporate Display Device (CDD) Unveiled French Tennis Grand Prix

FDS is proud to unveil the new A380 CDD utilized by Emirates Airlines at the 2013 French Tennis Grand Prix.

Emirates, by way of Pulse Group in the UK approached FDS to create an A380 demonstrator that would allow people attending the event to experience the thrill of piloting this huge Airliner. The weeklong event will allow thousands of people to see and hear all about Emirates and the technology/services they bring.

Quite an honor for FDS to be part of the program here. Steve Cos (VP Special Projects) and Mark Hastings (Sim-Avionics) were on hand to integrate the device.

Emirates staff were on hand to run the sim and on the first day it is estimated over 500 people were able to fly the sim!

Flightdeck Solutions Is a true "Solutions" company and is well versed in the "Corporate Display" area of the business. Names such as Boeing and GE have utilized FDS devices for Technology Demonstrators.

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