Hollywood Calls Again! “United 93”


'UNITED 93' will open in theatres on April 28. The movie chronicles in real time the September 11th hijacked United Airlines flight that passengers tried to take over before it crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Flightdeck Solutions is proud to have been involved in the creation of the full scale and detailed B757 cockpit of 'UNITED 93'. As with most movie projects, everything is a rush job. Eric Snider, our Production Manager, came through in flying colours, practically single handedly producing and completing all the panels used in the B757 cockpit.

This is our 5th movie/film project. It's very gratifying to see our cockpit products in action. Jonathan Richardson of Project Magenta was on hand for the assembly part and did an amazing job in a seriously time crunched period. FDS parts were in great hands! Special thanks to Romek for bringing us in on this project.Check out the attached pics, we think you'll be impressed.

Picture one is the original Nose as we were shown it at the start of the project. This picture came from Airliners.net and was taken by A.J. Best. (No luck on contact, Hopefully he is ok with us posting). From that picture forward you can see how this all ended up...

There are all sorts of pictures as well as a Theatrical Release Video on the www.flight93.net web page.

The Official "Flight 93" Webpage can be found here: http://www.flight93.net

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