Matthew S.‘s B777 Project Update (Oct 15/06) part 2

The Aft lower portion of the Nose has to be cut in order to lower the unit the 12" that we were over on height. This took some careful planning.

Steve and the guys had to align the Nose with the door and slowly lower the aft end down enough to clear the top of the door... That alone was a challenge let alone the fact that once the unit was in the door they had to wrestle the Nose around to position it inside the shop. One half of the shop is now filled with a Full A320 Trainer that is shipping in November and Matthew's B777 Project. Special thanks to Eric, Al and our newest FDS Team Member Shawn who joined us a few weeks ago and has been a huge boost to our capabilities and motivation.
Steve pulled off the biggest challenge I have ever thrown at him. After being around me for some 40-odd years you think I would go easy on him.. Not so. Thank you Steve.

For Matthew, He sees a huge dream take a giant step forward. While we push on with the cleaning if the internals and developing ALL the B777 parts you can imagine... Matthew has his hands full working on elements at his end.

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