New MX Series Product!

Flightdeck Solutions is proud to announce a new line of products referred to as our "MX Series".

The MX Series products are new electronic items that fill "Gaps" in our current lineup that were created when the FDS-FBPTs were engineered and brought to market.

The PRO-MX series electronics (MCP/EFIS for example) deliver the highest possible level of fidelity and had a heavy focus on robustness due to their common use in public/commercial settings but pricing was often out of reach for many of our dedicated supporters.

The MX Series focuses on the same level of functionality but employs affordable devices to stay in step with our growing Enthusiast customer channel.

  • Scale Designs
  • Full Featured
  • IBL Series Panels (Real Aircraft Incandescent Bulbs! 737 and 747)
  • USB Plug and Play Design
  • Wide Compatibility with Avionics Software packages on the Market (Sim-Avionics, ProSim, PMDG etc)
  • Short Lead Times

And More!!

September 2014

November 2014

January 2015

More to follow!

Contact us for any questions you may have on this exciting new category of product!

Count on FDS to provide affordable, high quality components for your next project.