Russia Bound B737NG FBPT

A new sight for FDS this month with a full B737NG leaving our facility on its way to Russia. This particular one features some real B737 seats, Throttles as well as yokes. The new FDS Liners Set can be seen and is available on the webpage. A major investment in tooling has paid off with this liner set bringing the interior of the B737NG FDS-NS6 the "real look and feel" of the NG The FDS team pushed very hard to hit a very tight schedule and was within days of the targetted ship date. Budget was on track and as planned.

This FBPT will see action in on a motion platform being produced by our friends at XESA in Italy.

Thanks to all the FDS Crew for the attention to detail, Thanks Shawn, Steve, Hassan, Farad, Jeff, Paul, John and Taylor for the excellent results. Big thanks to Shawn for the great design work and for another push forward on the NG. Steve had the guys working some long hours and the end results are there to see. Numerous new elements are included in this FBPT and will slowly make their way on to our Webpage. New Map Lights, Aft Overhead, Platform/Flight Control Setup. The new PRO-MX MCP/EFIS array was camera shy but will make an appearance shortly.

Feel free to talk to us about your Simulation needs, be it parts, PnP Sections or complete FBPTs like the B737NG here.

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