The FDS-A320ADV-FBPT is a full scale representation of the aircraft's Flightdeck layout and covers the various primary sections including: Instrument Panel, Glare Shield, Aisle Stand, Primary and Aft Overhead as well as Flight Controls, Shell/Interior and Crew/Observer Seating. Designed to be mated With High Level Avionics Software the ADV device can achieve FNPT2 Or Level 4 Certification.

  • FNPT2/Level 4 Level Device
  • Procedural Trainers
  • Marketing Display Devices
  • Laboratory Devices
  • Entertainment Units

Nose Sectional/Interior Liners


  • Laser Cut Aluminium Shell
  • Industrial Powder Coat Finishing
  • Accurate Interior Liner Set
  • Modular Design
  • Poly-Carbonate Windows
  • Projector Friendly” roof design

A scale, modular Nose Sectional with interior liners designed to create the correct immersive effect required to accurately create the required environment.

Pro-MX Thrust Lever Unit


  • Custom machined components
  • Functional/Motorized Trim Wheels and Trim Panel
  • IBL Series Backlit Panels
  • Locking/Metal Engine Start Units
  • Machined Knobs
  • Powder Coated Metal Finishing
  • USB interface

The FDS-A320-FBPT utilizes a finely engineered replica of the A320 Thrust Lever Unit.

Pro-MX Level FCU and EFIS Devices


  • FDS Proprietary IBL Series Panel (Real Aircraft Bulbs)
  • Custom Heavy Tactile Switching
  • White 7 Segment Displays
  • High Level Push/Pull Devices
  • Custom FDS Interface with available API

FDS PRO-MX Series MCP/EFIS units are used solely in our high level projects. Designed for heavy use and focused on the heavy tactile feel found onboard the Real aircraft.

PRO-MX Series Sidesticks and Steering Tillers


  • Laser cut components
  • Precision Machining
  • Professionally molded components
  • USB/Plug and Play
  • Sidestick control "Force" is designed to replicate the real aircraft part modelled.

The FDS PRO-MX series A320 Sidesticks were designed For a high degree of fidelity and robustness.

Real Aircraft Crew Seats

Proper crew positioning in any device is critical to proper use. Being able to replicate the correct “Spatial” Elements of a high level Sim requires the correct Crew Seat. FDS supplies real aircraft crew seats for all our FBPTs. Custom rails are employed to give proper access In and out of the Device. All seats are sourced, torn down, repaired and completely refurbished.

Custom Configurations

FDS works closely with a wide array of customers and is able to Develop/Supply many custom elements over and Above our standard FBPTs.

  • Instructor Stations
  • Entry Stairs/Ramps
  • Custom Wheels/Lifts
  • Rack Mount Computers/Hardware

Talk to us about your requirements!

FDS Proprietary IBL Series


  • Real Aircraft Bulbs for Accurate Appearance and super long lifespan (5 volt supply required)
  • Machined Components
  • Machined Printed Circuit Boards
  • Metal Backing Panels
  • DZUS compatible
  • Accurate 6mm Top panels
  • Computer Matched Paint

FDS IBL (Integrated Backlighting) series panels deliver high on realistic appearance and long term performance. Super consistent lighting across the panels is made possible by the real aircraft bulbs we employ. FDS is the only company utilizing true IBL and it shows!

High Level Avionics Software (FNPT2/Level 4)

The “ADV” version A320 FBPT was designed for high level training. Avionics software is the core of any decent simulation. FDS works closely with ECA FAROS who are able to integrate their FNPT2/Level4 Avionics and achieve certification.

Built to perform

We engineer and manufacture all of our devices to withstand the heavy use (and abuse) our products are subjected to. Every component we produce is designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up with tight tolerances and a high attention to detail to ensure your project meets the highest standard. Flightdeck Solutions is a manufacturer, not an integrator that buys parts from numerous other companies. Every device we ship was purpose designed. All parts fit and work together as you would only expect them to.

No requirement is too large or too small

FDS can supply complete fixed base training devices (FBPTs), sections of devices, or individual mechanical elements to integrate into your project. Many of our customers aren't looking for full trainers, but components - like thrust levers, side sticks and rudder pedals for their own simulation devices.

Customer Testimonials:

  • Everyone who sees our FDS A320 sim says 'awww....'. Their product is just awesome and their after service is excellent. We got our parts in no time.


  • I have no hesitation in recommending FDS to anyone and wish them nothing but success in the future.

    Richard Zand-Vliet
    Flight City Simulation Centre
    Perth, West Australia

  • I have had the pleasure of working with FDS for almost 10 years now in my quest for the perfect Boeing 747-400 and watched the realism and the increased functionality of the product evolve exponentially during the last decade.

    Jon Boe

For more information on FDS FBPTs, please contact us directly to review your requirements.

Whatever your goal, FDS will help you realize it - with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail.