WARNING! To potential customers of Michael Lehkamp's Horizon

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Post by mark1million »

Hi Guys, I have been following this thred for a wile now, every FS forum has this on, I think enough is enough and this thred should be locked or deleted, this is not the place to hang out your dirty laundry. Any kind of reputation this guy had has now been clearly demolished.

It sad to read this and enough is enough, I hope you all agree.

All the best

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Post by Butik »

Well. Also last few words from me.

There is nothing much to add to Chris's elaborate about business, customer relationships etc.

What concern's Michael's e-mail - I will write him back privately, whan I am back at home from my business trip around Latvia & Estonia.

I just want to say a few words concerning Matt's comments.

Dear Matt, I am really the last person to do things, that I did. But as you can read on my page It was absolutely out of any line and my patience.

I live very far from the USA, have no attorney and no real possibility to claim my rights in a legal way against companies from the other side of the pond. I tried to solve everything between me and Michael. I tried for a couple of months sending him e-mails over and over. And after all this let me say that I hardly believe in as you say "humble apology".

Let me just underline, that first short "apology" e-mail, which I got in December and which Chris quoted I got after my very serious warning. As I was not replied for months I sent him photos of his product, which I took in NY and warned that I would show them to public unless he writes me back something. That moved him and I got this short reply immediately.

But after two months there was absolutely nothing again. Well there were a few e-mail... but from me to him. Finally I stopped warning him, I just did what I did - that made Michael speak again. Should I treat it humble? You be the judge.

Let me say that I admired (although the past tense is not the right one) his 767 project like everybody else, I read many stories and opinions about Michael on the net and all that made me get in contact with him and order the product without asking for photos, videos, references or anything like that. I was simply sure that it must something! Especially for that price, which is not low on the market and is especially high here, in Poland, being much more than country's average monthly salary!!!

Unfortunately after sending the money I was not treaten like a customer (to name it very gently), what you can easily see reading setp-by-step facts on my webpage. From other posts it seems like I was not the only one, although maybe the most "drastic" example.

I understand delays, I understand mistakes, but what happend between me and Michael - I absolutely do not understand nor accept.

Again, and last time - should the communication between us existed and there was will to cooperate with me we would never get to this. Period.

Michael at last declared to take an action about the situation. We will see. I would like to believe, but now, like St Thomas - will not believe until I see it. Sorry. It all should have been done half a year ago between two of us.

Anyhow, if everything goes to a kind of 'happy end' you certainly will be informed.

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Post by kabar03 »

Please let us know if you get the promised yoke, Michal. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

For those posting the support for Horizon, I would think you would have a different attitude if they held $700 of your money and you got a tree limb splashed with plasti-cote in return. The pictures speak volumes.

I've seen this from a couple vender's on the fighter sim side of the market and they are called out very quickly on it, as they should be.

I would also think Project Magenta and other reputable sim outlets would detach quickly from be referenced or referencing Horizon. I surely would.

IMHO horizon should refund Michal's $700, What type of support could he expect from any product that -may- be delivered to him.

Although I belong to even a smaller niche (fighter cockpits), I find it hard not to post my thoughts, we should all watch out for the jackles in the community and call them out. Michal I commend you on your courage to warn others in the community. Cheers

Mike Williams

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Post by MOlieman »

Michal "Butik", I try to send you an email.... I used the email address on your site, it didn't like me, and sent it back.....

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Post by Lillebe »

Michael Lehkamp,

I am sure that this one has not made you out of business. Just make sure that this story gets happy end and your customer gets what he expected or just do refunding. I am more or less convinced that we all learned the lesson and this accident is quality insurance for your following clients.

As being almost seven years now entrepreneur, I know that time to time flashovers happens. Only way to get over them is make sure that by the end of the day your clients are satisfied. This business area is hard. Small market size and VERY demanding clientele. It takes several years before your return of investments will pay out. We have seen many providers coming in and disappearing quickly. Reading your statement Michael, I believe that you will stay around. Believe me or not, by making Mr.Butik proud owner of your control column (latest version), your position in the market just gets stronger and you got a lot of free marketing.

Looking forward to see happy ending for this one!


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Lets end it

Post by warvet »

We are all gentleman I as others have voiced our sympathy, empathy and concern regarding this matter, I also must say I am highly impressed with Mike L's appology and statement as far as I'm concerned this situation should end here and now cause building takes a hell of alot of energy whch is being wasted continuing this thread. I agree with Matt O and several others. To err is human to forgive is your call. Good luck Mike and Mike L


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Post by N737AG »

Hey fellow pilots : please so not forget this is FDS's forum and FDS has nothing to do with the business we conduct with other companies.

I suppose this forum was created for all of us to discuss about technical issues, fun stories, successes and everything around our crazy hobby. I don't think it was Peter's idea to have his forum being used for verbal battles with other suppliers.

So, how about showing some respect to FDS, to Peter, to all his co-workers and volunteers ?

Have a great day building


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Post by mark1million »

N737AG wrote:Hey fellow pilots : please so not forget this is FDS's forum and FDS has nothing to do with the business we conduct with other companies.

So, how about showing some respect to FDS, to Peter, to all his co-workers and volunteers ?

Have a great day building

Here here, I agree

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Post by MattB »

Perhaps lock and 'sticky' this discussion?