projector specs

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projector specs

Post by pantoleon »

hi all..i am re-designing my sim ...with view to put one or more projectors for visual setup...i am out in the market can u please advise on what to take care for a projector to have..
tim s idea is in mind and has to be tested as well !!

i know its should be native 1024 by 768 and since it s in the basement room (with a small window and going to be used in a dark room ..i guess contrast is more important tha lumens is that correct? anyway
any feedback is appreciated!!
Dimitris Pantoleon
Thessaloniki Greece

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Post by warvet »

If your in a fairly dark room, then lumens is not that important. You will find contrast is much more important. For example any of these will work ... p?CatId=23 hope this helps, :D


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