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XP11 / SimA / XPUIPC Offsets

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:56 pm
by Michael_B767_ATP
Hi Everyone,

For those of you that are working on Xplane that use Sim-A for your interface, I just started reading about XPUIPC Offsets, commands and datarefs and was wondering if anyone started on a config file for XP11 and Sim-Avionics.


Am I looking in the wrong (XPUIPCOffsets.CFG) place to interface the two programs together?

If someone has started an offsets config file for Sim-A, can you send me a pm with the file or a text portion that shows the structure/layout?

Not sure if this is correct for xpuipcoffsets.cfg

Command 0x5464 UINT16 1 0 laminar/B738/spring_switch/landing_lights_all
Command 0x546B UINT16 1 0 laminar/B738/switch/rwy_light_left_off
Command 0x546B UINT16 1 0 laminar/B738/switch/rwy_light_right_off
Command 0x546C UINT16 1 0 sim/lights/taxi_lights_off
Command 0x5468 UINT16 1 0 laminar/B738/switch/logo_light_off
Command 0x5467 UINT16 1 0 laminar/B738/toggle_switch/position_light_down
Command 0x546A UINT16 1 0 laminar/B738/toggle_switch/position_light_up
Command 0x5466 UINT16 1 0 sim/lights/beacon_lights_off
Command 0x5469 UINT16 1 0 laminar/B738/switch/wing_light_off

There are two lights I cannot find within the zibo mod (taxi/beacon), so I used XP11 commands.