Variations on ILS courses

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Daniel Estrada
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Post by Daniel Estrada »

Mark, Michael and every one that has posted his toughts, THANK YOU...! I see this is more complicated than I can imagine.

Banananav, it wasn't my intention to open the Pandora Box...! :) :) But you cant deny its a good challenge...!

Also, I will try the FSaerodata app

Thank you again
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787 George
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Post by 787 George »

Thanks Mark for an excellent explanation and thanks to everyone contributing to this thread. I have wondered about this for quite some time and I'm learning a bunch about it.

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Post by jackpilot »

My failsafe method is to go first to the destination airport, open the map and write down all navaids freq. and bearings.
Not high-tech but works :roll:
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Post by Rigilkent »

Although aero.sors does not update add-on airports, aero.sors has a very useful tool that allows to manually edit individual bgl files for ILS and other navaids.
The cool thing about it is that it automatically determines for which there is a discrepancy between the airac file and the bgl.
And you can easily edit it.
You have to do it manually, but it is ’ike adding another relative quick pre-flight check and procedure when needed...
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Post by gsumner »

Just picking up on this guys.

Do you suggest I wait for version 1.94 or do which updates ?



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Great info!!

Post by benjiminus »

omera60 wrote:Hi,

You need to update your airport database in Sim-A. From the LatestVersionInfo.txt in the Sim-A Documentation folder:

# New program - \Navigation_Data\Build_Position_Database.exe
Used to build a position database of runways and gates based on your custom scenery.

1) Copy \Navigation_Data\makerwys.exe to Main Flightsim folder and execute.
2) Copy the resulting r5.csv and g5.csv back to \Navigation_Data
3) Run Build_Position_Database.exe

I had the same issue as you but after doing this it is solved.

How often should I do this, every AIRAC update?
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