Firehandels boeing 737

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Firehandels boeing 737

Post by b747 »


For people that like some real fire handels in the overhead section look


The are looking great and only for 245 euro for three.

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Post by dnoize »

and to add to that, boy brought them with him to the aviodrome sim meeting in november. Have to say they look quite well. The new covers look very good, you have to pull them, and then turn them left or right.

The build in switches enable every single step of the handles to be interfaced. The feel is quite heavy and robust. well done.

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Post by MarkusPilot »

My fire handles were about 2.45 euros each or what ever that is in aussie dollars. :D

They ( the commercial handles that is ) look good, pity they werent available about a year ago when i made mine.... but then again 245 is a lot of $ :roll:

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