Sharing our Exciting 2006 Changes With You

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Sharing our Exciting 2006 Changes With You

Post by pcos »

2005 was a significant year for FDS. Business grew dramatically in several directions which, as many of you know, put a lot of stress on our ability to keep up with orders and meet our commitments. We can’t say enough about the loyalty and patience of our customers who have worked with us through this challenging period. Our backlog is clearing. A lot of improvements and changes have been made and will continue through 2006 and we wanted to share some of them with you. Going into this new year, our “can do” philosophy will not change, nor will our commitment to uncompromising high quality, true replica products. Here are some of the changes you will see:

Our team associate, Ron Wiens, is joining us in the full time task of Operations Manager for FDS. He will oversee and manage all aspects of finance, production, purchasing and administration of our fast growing enterprise. Ron is well qualified to take on this job. He has many years of industrial experience in design, production, supplier and customer development, sales and marketing. He also shares our enthusiasm for aviation and is an accomplished cockpit builder. I am super confident that the reins of the company are in the right hands to take us to the next level.

I (P Cos) will concentrate now on design, sales and marketing where I can be much more effective with my time and energy, especially knowing Ron is managing the operational aspects, the real day to day challenges.

Plug & Play. We are beginning to see the light at the end of our technology tunnel. The demand for ready made, simple, reliable but realistic components is huge and you will begin to see an ever expanding product line introduced to meet that need. One of the first examples will be our realistic and full scale B737NG MCP/EFIS fully assembled/wired and ready to fly at a reasonable price.

Working with a very talented Mechanical Designer over the past year has paid off and the results are starting to show across the product line. More and more product is filtering through the system and pushing us into new areas and higher levels.

PRO line products. This is really exciting for us. In 2005 and in the first few months of this year we picked up some very impressive contracts with some very impressive customers (more on this later). This trend is growing and becoming a significant component of our product offering. Some of our builder customers have expressed concern that we are leaving them behind for pro business. Just the opposite will happen! Pro customers expect the highest quality, reliability and realism possible. This has driven us to new design methods and materials which will benefit our huge and important enthusiast market. During 2006, our customers will see awesome versions of throttle and control systems looking 100% real, containing durable metal components , Plug & Play and available in both Pro and Enthusiast grades making it possible to meet all market needs.

In short, Pro is pushing us towards better and more efficient production methods, improved materials, faster delivery times and uncompromising realism and quality levels. All of this benefits the enthusiast market and allows us to continue to serve every size and type of customer need more effectively.

2006 will bring many positive changes to our company and we look forward to continuing our close personal relationship with our customers and the exciting growth in new areas. No one works harder than we do to keep everyone satisfied and I want to personally thank all those who have lived with me personally during our challenging times. You know who you are!

Special thanks to Ron for he "belief" over the past five years.. for all the investment in time and sweat. FDS is a better place going forward in his capable hands.

Stay tuned, you will see lots of interesting, exciting and desirable products, services and news over the next several months.

Peter Cos
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Post by slip-stream »

Sounds exciting. And the advances in Plug and Play hardware from FDS is what I have been waiting for. Keep up the good work team.

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Post by RocketRod »

You know its funny, but back in 1999 when I was first introduced to this hobby and FDS, it felt like then, that this was the direction. May I say a hearty Congratulations the the FDS Team, and I'm estaic the Peter will have more time for design.

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Post by brissydave »

100percent real looking throttles and stuff made from durable parts.
oh boy :) .......gotta keep logging on every day this year to check.
so amazing.

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Post by LuisXV »

Really good news for us!

Go ahead guys, hands at job and please at 737 Throtlle Quadrant!

Osasco/SP - Brazil.

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Post by Karl »

When I first started to get interested in building a Flightdeck, at the time 5 or 6 years ago there wasn’t much about. There were very few Company’s, Builders, and indeed Forums. :( However one day, totally by accident I stumbled upon the FDS web site, that was 2 years ago, and now I am on my way to making this dream a reality. :)

Peter Cos and his team has pushed our ‘Excessive Compulsive Disorder’ sorry, Hobby far beyond most of our imaginations, as a result we are achieving a level of accuracy and detail that would have not been possible unless we had spent $$$$$$$

All of us, including myself have the ‘WANT IT NOW’ syndrome, :evil: and probably do not fully appreciate the complexity of our hobby. FDS has moved forward in massive leaps and every time I think that we have reached the pinnacle of our hobby FDS gives us a new product that turns us into drooling wide eyed children. =P~

So what of the future? Well I have to say it is looking pretty grand, and I myself can not wait to see what Peter and his team has in store for us over this year. :wink: Throttle Quadrant’s, Interface Boards, total Plug ’n’ Play solutions to name but a few.

Finally I would like to say a BIG thank you to Peter and all of his team for making this possible. Keep up the good work.

All the Best,

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Post by mauriceb »

Karl wrote:So what of the future? Well I have to say it is looking pretty grand, and I myself can not wait to see what Peter and his team has in store for us over this year. :wink: Throttle Quadrant’s, Interface Boards, total Plug ’n’ Play solutions to name but a few.

Finally I would like to say a BIG thank you to Peter and all of his team for making this possible. Keep up the good work.

All the Best,

B737NG Builder
And do I dare dream of a Plug & Play, reasonably priced 180 or so degrees visual system. Nah, I know this cannot ever happen, can it? Please!!! [-o<


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Post by wwwayward »

Congrats to all at FDS. looking forward to seeing the new products!


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Post by tkellogg »

Well done Peter and your team. You have taken an important step in turning a first class operation into a world class operation. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better it does. Again congratulations. Can't wait for more updates.
Tom Kellogg
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Post by Gorchi »

To You at FDS, I wish You a great Year, hopefully better than 2005 and I must say, I envy You that You produce such masterpieces. The ones I saw and had in my hand are truely amazing! Keep on excellent work!
Goran Brumen
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Post by A320 »

I have searched and i cant find one other hobby based (i.e. as its customer base) company which give out soo much clarity to customers concerning past present and future. Pitty there is nothing that rewards companies for such an open doors policy as it is something that should be encouraged world wide! It has inspired trust in fds and the amount of people using these forums goes to show we deeply appreciate peter, ron and the teams efforts.

Unfortunetly there was no Oscar for a Flightdeck in a motion picture last weekend as im sure FDS would have won!

Well done the FDS Team, here is to the future!

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Post by PaulWood »

Congratulations and best wishes to the expanded FDS Team!

We are indeed a lucky group to have a company like FDS, led by PC, to help us in our pursuit for excellence!

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Post by mauriceb »

It's not very often that one hears so much positive feedback for any business. Peter must be doing something right. I know that in my case, I had totally dismissed the idea of building a flight deck until I discovered FDS. Until then, I used to only browse the AVSIM Home Cockpit Support Forum and although there is a lot of good info there as well, all that did was scare the hell out of me since I thought I could never have the knowledge & patience to go through such a steep learning curve.

Once I discovered FDS and frequented this forum, my outlook totally changed and I now know that this isn't just a pipe dream, especially with the new breed of Plug & Play solutions that Peter is working on.

Thanks to Peter, FDS staff and all participants in this forum for helping us to achieve our dream. =D>


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Post by Salbado »

I asked Peter 5 years ago if I should really go down this path and build a A320 Flightdeck. I have never looked back and have been flying my deck now for over 3 years. Yes, it is "finished".

However, with the new product offerings coming up, I am really showing a renewed interest in bringing my simulator room into a new and higher fidelity. I look forward to FSX and all of the new products to be rolled out this year. Peter, keep up the great work.

I told you a long time ago you were the only game in town...

Sal - New York

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