New Product Preview! "XT" Series SYS Boards

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New Product Preview! "XT" Series SYS Boards

Post by pcos »

As shown at the recent FSWeekend event in Lelystad:

First bit of news......
A NEW Series of SYS Boards.... Updated with "Screw Terminal" Connectors for simplified wiring. Pictured below is the FDS-SYS3XT which offers 64 LED outputs and 32 Switch Inputs..
Available in December will be the:
FDS-SYS4XT (128 LED Outputs and 64 Switch Inputs)
FDS-SYS1XT (256 LED Outputs and 128 Switch Inputs)
FDS-SYS2XT (128 Switch Inputs)
These new SYS boards are available from FDS and now Directly from within the EU from Flightsimtech GmbH
Pricing and Availability to be November 13, 2015

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Post by MichaelYSSY »

Looks interestingly tempting
Maybe add a switch or two, led or three?



Jean Louis
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Post by Jean Louis »

Great news! I imagine that the cards will be slightly longer than the old ,shame for me I just bought the old model😂
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Post by melnato »

If I ever rebuild...again... :)


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Post by kapilaB »

That boards look great. easy to connect, no soldering.
I just bought old type.
But they are working all are the same way:):)

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Post by Julia19 »

I want this, This looks so dope
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Post by ABQ737EXP »

Is there a diagram or manual for beginners to explain the proper way to wire this? I am ready to wire my MIP, but I am having trouble finding resources that break it down to a beginner level.

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Post by Jon Boe »

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Post by ABQ737EXP »

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!

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