Setting up Active Sky Weather Radar

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Setting up Active Sky Weather Radar

Post by MarkHastings »

This is the way I usually set it up :

PC1 = FS
PC2 = Avionics

Setting up the File Sharing

Avionics PC
1) Check File Sharing is enabled and Setup Correctly
  • Goto the Network and Sharing Center
    Select : Change Advanced Sharing Settings (on the left)
    Scroll down and ensure that :
    • File and Print Sharing is Enabled
      Password Protected Sharing is OFF
      Save Changes
2) Create new folder \Sim-Avionics\WX

3) Share \Sim-Avionics
There are a few was of doing this. I usually :
  • right-click on the \Sim-Avionics folder.
    Select Share.
    Enter : Everyone
    Set permission Level to Read/Write
1) Test you have access to the Share
  • Open File Explorer
    Expand : Network
    Select your Avionics PC
    You should see a shared folder called Sim-Avionics
    Double Click into this folder, Double click into \WX
    If this works then your FS computer has access to this shared folder.
Click on the Address bar at the top.
Highlight and copy to the clipboard. (CTRL+C)

2) Edit :<FS>\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini
Add line to FSUIPC4.ini
  • [General]
Paste in the address that you just copied to the clipboard (CTRL+V).
The name [AVIONICS-PC] should be set to whatever your avionics PC is called.

3) Run FSX
4) Run Active Sky Next

5) After starting Active Sky check on your Avionics PC.
You should see \Sim-Avionics\WX\radar.bin

Avionics Config
Finally on you Avionics PC you need to tell the ND's to switch off the built in wxr radar and to use the ASN weather.

1) Edit \CPT ND\CONFIG.ini and \FO ND\CONFIG.ini
Add Lines :
That's it.
ASN builds wxr radar based on cloud precipitation so you will need to position your aircraft in an area with rain clouds present.
You can use the ASN map to find some bad weather.
Mark Hastings
Software Developer