P3D V3.1 upgrade

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P3D V3.1 upgrade

Post by Flyboy2 »

Has anyone any experience (good or bad) with upgrading to P3D V3.1 (released 21 December) ? After all the problems that I have experienced with stability of calibration settings, I'm still a little hesitant to upgrade without knowing if 3.1 is a good working release....or if there are any discovered bugs. I've read some of the comments in the P3D forum about 3.1 issues but wonder what FDS users have specifically experienced?

Just recently I have lost the SPEEDBRAKE ARMED setting from my TQ (Full Speedbrake still works) and the Autopilot Disconnect from my yoke and therefore am hoping that 3.1 might be more stable and fix my problems.

Thanks for any advice,

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Post by Fred »

Upgraded from P3Dv2.5 to P3DV3.1 this past week on my WideView setup (four P3D computers). Somewhat tedious of course to load everything back in and to get everything working including weather, VPilot, and the typical settings evaluations and adjustments, etc.

However I can report everything is working fine...P3Dv3.1 appears to run a bit smoother with a bit less demand on frame rates. I also find that autogen loads much much faster....the autogen "popping up" phenomenom has essentially been eliminated. Heavy cloud weather is also very significantly improved. The new trees look nice also.

No issues with SimA.

My four visual rigs: I7-4790K 4.0ghz (no overclocking) with ASUS FTX980 STRIX 4GB GPU (no overclocking)....each in single monitor setup.

Not using any exceptional tweaking other than 4X SGSS via Nvidia Inspector and Adaptive Half-Sync Refresh via Nvidia Settings. Frames are locked at 60FPS.

So all is well here right now.


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P3D v3.1

Post by Banananav »

I've had exactly the opposite experience moving to P3D for the first time at v3.1 with a new Jetmax 737 NG and Sim-A.
Have had problems even in fsuipc calibrating the TQ and tiller, control assignments don't always stay fixed.
So, have just installed FSX on a separate ssd and so far so good.
I'm going to wait to see what the crits are on P3D v3.2 before trying it again.
Chris Finn

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Post by MichaelYSSY »

I've had a good experience with the move from FSX to P3D (3.0 haven't upgraded to 3.1 yet)
Everything including FSUIPC works great.

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Post by Jetcos »

No troubles either.

FSUIPC4 is the same program for FSX and P3D (any version).
Steve Cos
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Marco Eckl 777
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Post by Marco Eckl 777 »

Check if you have the latest FSUIPC version.
Should be 4.949 now.
With the last older version I had problems with the axes.
But now all is perfect.

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Post by Banananav »

Thanks Marco
Yes I do.
I have a clear day today to sort it out, so I'll let you know how I get on.
Chris Finn

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P3D 4.5 HotFix2
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