Help Install CDU to Prosim737

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Help Install CDU to Prosim737

Post by costanzo_roberto »

I have new CDS for FDS, do not understand how to install the CDU and make it work in Prosim737.
I Open CDU Prosim737 and i setup my IP address, I Enableb to menu' confit CDU drivers Tekworkx/FDS.
The Final the CDU FDS not work the Button Key.
Which Drive correctly for Tekworkx/FDS to Prosim737 Ver.1.48 ?
Tanks for Help,
Costanzo Roberto.

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Post by Mark »


I have an FDS CDU and have it set up and working with Prosim Ver 1.48. In my setup, I am running the FDS CDU on an networked computer while the Prosim System runs on the Flight Simulator computer.

I am not sure where your system may be failing and only offer this post to hopefully assist you in troubleshooting your system. You probably know most of the following info, but I will include in case it may be helpful.

I set up the CDU by connecting the vga output to to my avionics computer and configure the CDU display in the Windows display properties.I also verify that windows sees the USB connection to the CDU.

Then i setup up the Prosim software after starting the Prosim System and Prosim CDU software. Then move the CDU software by dragging it to the FDS CDU monitor.

Right click on the FDS CDU monitor and choose Config from the menu

In the Prosim CDU config menu Options Tab

I have entered the IP address of the computer where the Prosim System is installed. (This IP address may need to be entered as if you install your CDU on the same computer as the Prosim system software). I also select the options for Start Full Screen, and have chosen Standalone CDU from the CDU role combo box on the options screen.

In the Prosim CDU config menu Drivers Tab

I have enabled Tekworx/FDS CDU's and selected the FDS CDU serial number from the combo box for CDU Serial. For Key layout, select Layout 1 from the combo.

Start the Prosim System software and the Prosim CDU software.

Your CDU should come alive (all the backlit keys on the FDS CDU should light up) It is likely that you will have to align the CDU text to match your FDS CDU monitor. You can do this by right clicking your mouse on the FDS CDU monitor and selecting Line Setup Mode from the menu. The computer keyboard keys S, W, U, and D will resize and align the text to the FDS/CDU line select keys.

Here is a link to a pdf document for the FDS CDU.

FDS Updated Manual ... 8.pdf?dl=0

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