Small or maybe big fix for XP11 and Sim-A switches

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Small or maybe big fix for XP11 and Sim-A switches

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Hi Everyone,

Two things as an update. The first being, I finally figured out how to get a switch thrown on the Sim-Avionics overhead panel to match that of the 3D switch of the zibo mod on my server computer.

It's just a simple master battery switch, but if I can get one switch to match maybe I can get others to do the same. The goal is to match all of Sim-A panels to match that of Zibo's 3D panels.

I figure if this is doable, it shouldn't matter how many xplane updates that come out, as long as the zibo mod commands and data refs stay the same the updates shouldn't affect the aircraft.

The second item. I just finished downloading and installing Ortho for the entire state of Florida, I'm hoping to get that installed and get a video or two online soon.

That's about it for now.


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