Windows 10 Maj.

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Windows 10 Maj.

Post by jackpilot »

Comments have been plenty, some say that it creates havoc in the sim files and/or drivers, some say they have no issue.
I think we have here a pool of knowledgeable people able to find an answer to that question. Being rather illiterate in PC tweaking my solution is to keep my two PCs off line. Which creates some limitations of course. I deactivated the updates but apparently to no avail. The latest from MS is a possibility to postpone Updating for 35 days which solves nothing.

Could we have here a serious analysis of the issue in order to enjoy the plus of internet and avoid the minus and either live with the updating or have a way to control it 100% by
1) changing available settings on the PC or
2) using some of the soft wares available on the net to that end.

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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »

Hi Jack,

I still use windows 7 Pro so I don't know if this works or not. ... windows-10

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Post by MichaelYSSY »

I just got my first W10 PC.
Using it for P3D
a few hiccups but nothing major "yet"

USB power savings adjustments made as per forum recommendations
having some sharing issues but pretty much got it al working.

Disabled updates but from what I understand that is only temp and W10 does it's own thing.

Good Luck all

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Post by Tron3212 »

I have been using Win 10 for my main PC and have had zero issues with anything, didn't config anything special, but do have all my sim stuff on a separate SSD than my main OS SSD....

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Post by N737AG »

Good morning Captain Jack

I have recently done a clean install of my sim's 4 computers. They had Win 7 installed. I re-formatted and installed Win 10 PRO.

The results on my side were great : an average increase of 15 fps. This is awesome because I have 3 projectors running out of one 1080 video card (I use Natvis).

Also the data transfer rate with Sim-A improved tremendously.

Yes, you will have to deal with issues like the mandatory updates, which you can't control. And yes, a good practice after each update will be checking your power settings (essentially keep all ON). But if you go with PRO, you will have far less headaches compared to the Home edition. Even though for my business I am still not a happy Win 10 customer, for my sim it has been an awesome improvement.

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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »

Hi Axel,

That's good to know, I'm still holding on to 7 pro so far.

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