Overhead GUI Moving Around (Resolved)

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Overhead GUI Moving Around (Resolved)

Post by ehsjoar »

Hi Guys,

I am using a touchscreen for the Overhead GUI. The issue I have is that more often than not the GUI moves half an inch or so when I touch it. It is not the window itself but the overhead GUI piece inside it. Is there a way to prevent this? The buttons/switches all work great. If I could just prevent the GUI from dancing around it would be a really nice solution.


// Jonas

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Post by MarkHastings »

Check in the CONFIG.INI
You'll find :
// Mouse Button used to drag the
panel window
// 0 = Middle
// 1 = Left
// 2 = Right

Do you have this = 0 ?
If it's = 1 then you 'left' mosue button will be dragging the panel, which is what is happening when you touch the screen.
Mark Hastings
Software Developer

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Post by ehsjoar »


My sincere apologies. I didn't subscribe to notifications on this topic and when I didn't get an answer within a few days I forgot about it. Sorry about that.

Your suggestions and suspicions were spot on. With PAN_WINDOW=0 everything works and there is no dragging the window around anymore.


// Jonas

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