Jetmax - Altitude Intervention

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Jetmax - Altitude Intervention

Post by cstei255 »

Using a Jetmax therefore there is no altitude intervention button (same w/ speed) - for the other Jetmax users what do you use instead or is there a workaround? I've read that you aren't supposed to rely on vertical speed to change altitude.


Edit - I found this online - I am not at home so I can't test this as a solution:

A Collins MCP (since 2003) does not have the INTV buttons - Optional to add them.

When the ALT INTV button is not installed, the altitude selector knob can be pressed / pushed in. The same mechanism is also found on the 747-400, 757, 767, and 777.

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Post by jackpilot »

you may use FLCH to climb or descend, which will give you a speed protection. (AC adjusts pitch to maintain desired speed, speed window being active you may "intervene" on speed.)
As long as you stay within performance limits you may use FLCH to go back to your vertical VNAV path if you had to deviate because of ATC restriction.
ex:in descent increasing dialed speed will make the AC descend more, decreasing it will make the AC level off until reaching that lower speed before resuming descent.
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