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** Version 1.961 Available **

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 12:35 pm    Post subject: ** Version 1.961 Available ** Reply with quote

Please find version 1.961 available here

Arrow Flightdeck Avionics Version 1.961

Due to a few problems found since the release of 1.96 I'm posting a quick update to correct them.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

# Initial Transition Altitude wasn't being set from the Server default entry
# Problem with 737-800 Performance Database cause Thrust Lim Derate issues

SYSBoard Controller
# Encoder Options : Enable 8.33Khz tuning checkbox added.
   Enable this for .005 step tuning

Please find version 1.96 available here

Arrow Flightdeck Avionics Version 1.96

Main Changes include :

# Correction to GND Pwr lights. Lights can now display with Battery Switch OFF
# Realistic APU Oil Qty Set
# Server Menu's re-ordered
# Documentation links added to Server menu
# ELT Test Freq (121.500) fixed
# Small correction to VNAV Climb Altitudes
# Improvement to loading scenarios on startup with engines running
# EGT Peak Rolloff time reduced during engine start
# Added 8.33KHz tuning to Com radios with 3 decimal places. (FSUIPC 5.14 or newer required)
# Refined the A/T PID Controller for more accurate A/T tracking.
# Added automatic 'Trim Up' at 400AGL during an Autoland
# Speed Issue automatically set during G/A based on flap retraction.
# Fixed a problem with the LNAV calculated turning circle during a 'Direct-To'
# Transition Altitudes automatically entered for selected origin/dest
# Seperate Origin and Dest Transition Altitudes can be entered
# Default FMC Transition Altitude added to Aircrat Details Tab
# WebIOS "Web Scroll" option added to Control Panel :
   Enabled : webpage will scroll on a tablet with a touch gesture
   Disabled : webpage position will be fixed (default)
# Server main window is now 'resizable'... It mostly works, but the program wasn't
  really designed to resize - so it can go a bit 'funky' with dramatic size changes !

# More accurate maximum pitch bars added. (Flaps Out)
# Added VSD Terrain 'Swath' indication line to 737Max Expanded Map Mode > 3000RA
# 737Max HDG bugs 'park' on ND when the selected HDG is out of range.
# EGT Max Start Line removed when N1 Reaches Idle
# ENG SHUTDOWN L/R Message inhibited during engine start on 777 EICAS

# Route Offset Implementation
# Improved Thrust Derate Calc
# LEGS Page displayed after selecting Approach INTC
# Small correction to CDU Message display
# Correction to PROGRESS PAGE Fuel Prediction
# Corrections to Course to Intercept and DME Arc waypoints

SYSBoard Controller
# Corrections to FDS Radios for 8.3khz tuning
# Fix for Ethernet Radio Stability
# New Output Assignments :
  These outputs only come on when the Packs are in High Mode. (AC Power Required)
# OFST light enabled
# Flight Controls Tab added
# New 'Light Test' functionality added
# WXR Tilt angle corrected to +/- 15 degrees
# New entry available in CONFIG.ini to adjust the minimums inc/dec single step amount. Default = 10
  It was set to 10 because the encoder circuits in the EFIS panels are not the fastest, and steps of 1 may take a long time to set the correct value.   
# Added support for new FDS Motorized TQ's
# FDS Motorized TQ Test Calibration page added

As always - ALL of your sim computers where Sim-A programs are used should be running the same version.
It's best to run the same installer on all of your computers.

Ensure you have the latest aircraft installed by using the links below.
You can simply run the latest aircraft installer on your P3D computer and it will update the aircraft.
If you already have a recent 1.9 aircraft installed you can just update the aircraft.cfg and .air files. - Links Below

Arrow 737-800 Aircraft Pack

Arrow 737-800 Aircraft Config Files Only

Arrow 777-200ER Aircraft Pack

Arrow 777-200ER Aircraft Config Files Only

Arrow 737Max Aircraft Pack

Arrow 737Max Aircraft Config Files Only

Here is the Avionics Sound Pack.
Arrow Avionics Sound Pack

After Installation
After Installation you must recall the A/P, Flaps, Engine and Other defaults.
There are buttons on the Server [Autopilot / Recalls] tab.
They recall the latest settings for :
Autopilot Tuning,
Flaps Configuration,
Engine Parameters,
Other Parameters.

It is important that you press each of these buttons to update your config files and then SAVE the aircraft config in the Server, by going to "Aircraft Specific > Save Aircraft". This will write the values to your loaded .cfg file.

This update is suitable for all Sim-Avionics users : Jetmax, SSTD+ and DSTD+

Please read the LatestVersionInfo.txt and ReleaseNotes.txt found in the \Documentation folder.
Logic Changes plus Important and Useful information can be found in these files.
Please note : There have been numerous updates and fixes in this release and not all have been documented, so just because it's not in the change logs - it doesn't mean that it hasn't been fixed.

A useful feature in this release is an Automatic "Position Database Update" tool.
This automates the procedure of keeping the Sim-A position database synchronised with your installed P3D scenery library.
The position database should be updated after installing new scenery into P3D.
There is a document explaining this procedure in the \Sim-Avionics\Documentation\Setup - Automated Position Database Update.pdf
You can also view this document from the Server Menu : Documentation > Setup - Automated Position Database Update

Please report any problems to me at support@sim-avionics.com

Mark Hastings
Software Developer
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