Question to Ron about FDS-G1 assembly guide

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Question to Ron about FDS-G1 assembly guide

Post by ssa »

Hi Ron,

On the guide, about the K1 switches, you wrote "(more on that later)" for the constant on LEDs on the top but than you did not elaborate.
Where does those connect to on FDS-G1? or do they connect to another power source like other LEDs?
Thanks much for the very helpful guide.

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LED Voltage...

Post by pcos »

Top LEDs on the K1 would be "on" whenever the MCP is powered up..
They go hand in hand with any backlighting you might do.
Voltage will depend on what you are using for LEDs.
Our normal "low voltage" LEDs are 2 volt types. (These are usually lighting up as per the color they appear as)..
If you are using SuperBright LEDs that we can supply then those are 3-4 volts. SuperBrights are Clear in color and you cannot tell what they are until you have applied some voltage.
We are using some AVERY Sheet on the Upper portion of the K1 legends in order to difuse the light abit. We also adjust the voltage until it looks right in a dark setting. Sometimes we have a tendency to light things upfar too much and then in teh dark we are overdoing it..
TIP: Get a small 3 volt Watch battery for testing LEDs...!!

(We should try to put FDS-G1 type questions in the Interface forum to help build up an information area)

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