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Post by okan »

That's what i meant by a tutorial for the PM MCDU/FCU stuff :) It somehow does not match with the PSS behaviour.

Any Airbus Pilots around here to explain us the FCU/MCDU reaction in a real A320 please ?

Thanks & Regards

Okan Sacli

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What part?

Post by pcos »

What part do you think is not accurate..
Shoot me some examples please.

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Post by Gorchi »

Peter, it is not problem of visual design (which is astounding!) but software behaviour.

Okan, I will try to ask some friends on this theme but can't promise quick answer.

Goran Brumen
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Post by okan »

Hi Peter

I will make a list with the differences in behaviour between PM and PSS. I just can't judge which is the better/correcter behaviour as i have never flown an A320 :roll: . That's why i asked if any real life A320 pilots could jump in and help us out on this.


Okan Sacli

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Post by wayneis »

I may be able to answer some of your questions as i fly the A332 and A343 and A345 but I have not flown the 320 so not sure if my answers may confuse you.

My experience has been that reading the Airbus FCOM 4 manuals which explain the use of the MCDU is pretty dry stuff. Nothing beats the hands on operation and then it all becomes fairly clear.

Its just the manuals dont seem to be able to get this across fairly well, so you are not the lone ranger in that department.


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Post by pdpo »

yesterday I had the chance to speak to a pilot, he flew airbus about 4 years ago and was not 100% sure about his answer. But as he could remember...
when in selected heading, pressing direct to with a waypoint, the mcdu should insert the T/P point, calculate the course for the direct BUT should not go to
managed heading (as PM does). So it seems that in this case PSS is not showing the correct behaviour. The phylosophy behind it ... if the pilot
is on selected, he has taken control and the airbus should not take over
at his own discretion, pilot intervention on the heading knob is still required to give back the control to the AP and the MCDU
I'll try to get this confirmed by a currently flying airbus pilot.

Anyway, it seems that PM has it correct implemented.

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PM and Airbus AOM are right, PSS is not.

Post by Alexander »

I have just checked this issue in the Aircraft Operating Manual for the A320 and I can confirm that a selected DIR from the MCDU is not copied to the FCU 'managed HDG'. Unless... the pilot pushes (DIR heading is copied to the FCU) and pulls (managed HDG engages, all dashes) the FCU HDG select switch.

Are we in the clear now?
Alexander Laut

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Post by warvet »

AHHHHHH thats what happened :shock: :oops: ...No wonder I ended up in Istanbul when I was trying to fly dir to Lax from Honolulu LMAO :D


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