CRJ-700 measurements

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CRJ-700 measurements

Post by camaaf »

OK, after "successfully" (any landing you can walk away from is a good landing...) landing a Feelthere CRJ-700 on a flight from PHX to LAX, I have decided that the CRJ is perfect for my home sim cockpit. not too big, complex enough to challenge my (lack of) skills, and the most fun ive ever had in FS2004.

I would like to start by getting panel measurements to build the support structures for the MIP and pedestal out of MDF. do these measurements come with the elite MIP from FDS or do I need to somehow negotiate my way into the flightdeck of a CRJ with a tape measure? perhaps there is a real CRJ-700 pilot on here who can supply me the magic numbers?

first things to set up...yoke and rudder pedals...then...FMS and throttle quadrant..then i might actually be able to keep every passenger aboard my flights to not have a heart attack...

oh..and one more thing i have to say...the "quick start" documentation provided with CRJ next gen is SEVERELY LACKING DETAIL! throughout most of the flight i could not get the A/P to track the FMS course...and yes i did select FMS as nav source...oh well im still learning..considering last week i was flying the C172 and i jumped right into a CRJ with 5 pages of how to and landed it...i think im off to a good start.

anyhow enough of my excitement, i need some cockpit specs.

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Post by mndless »

The first thing to consider is what software you will be using for your glass cockit... the pnRJ software by doesn't really align well with the CRJ cockpit... it does do a pretty good job with the ERJ-145 cockpit.

If you can find the CRJ glass cockpit software, then it would be a simple matter of finding the MIP and associated panels for the CRJ...

If you want an FDS product, it might be worth evaluating the ERJ-145.. a different version of the regional jet and alreay well within the planning and production phase...

Keep us posted on your evaluations and progress!

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Post by camaaf »

couldn't I use the screens that pop-up in feelthere CRJ? im sure there is a way to isolate each to its own monitor. something i'll have to experiment with.

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Post by RocketRod »

You might consider then doing something along the lines of what this builder did.

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Post by Stoney3K »

RealityXP's Jet Line 4 package is a good simulation of a CRJ glass flightdeck, if you're willing to part with a few details here and there. They're simple popup gauges for Flight Simulator, but with a bit of fiddling you can probably make them work. I'm planning to do a Collins flight deck in the near future but I want the basic components and the Honeywell version to be finished first.

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