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I wonder anyone would want build E-474 flightdeck from movie called Flightplan. Personally I would... If i know where i could get those plans for E-474 I know it's fake. But still look cool!

If any of you didnt seen movie Flightplan yet. here offical website

There's some picture in there. Most are flash/java whatever they're using



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oh god , here we go.

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Post by skydvdan »

Anonymous wrote:oh god , here we go.
Here we go what? You know no one on this site is a fan of "guests" when it comes to bagging on people. :?
Dan Relfe
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Post by chrisw »

If Jodie Foster comes with it (pun intended) I might change from my 737 sim - always been a favourite of mine, although word has it she bats for the other team!

The cabin crew look pretty nice too, apart from the bloke of course. Come to think of it, I forgot to look at the plane :-)


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Post by Karl »

LOL Chris :lol:

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Post by Stoney3K »

The whole plane is based on the A380 design.

So is the flight deck, which is almost an exact replica except for custom panels (which are more intensely lit showing more on camera). They did throw in a couple of B737 yokes and the glareshield is different. The basic layout is the same, though, 2 8x6 LCD screens on either side with a center EICAS, and a three-piece lower EICAS for the systems and performance displays. I'm not sure how much of the flight deck is shown in the movie (Kyle only visits the cockpit once or twice) but it's a pretty funny concept, if you're interested in building this one for a sim I'd go for an A380.

If anyone's interested I can get the DVD sometime and post a few screencaps. It's actually kind of funny to see how the entertainment industry sees these things.

And for the people nagging about the movie or the storyline: Although the ending was not what I expected, I was impressed by Jodie Foster's performance as always. She does a hell of a job portraying Kyle, and I recognize an enormous amount of character traits in Kyle that I have myself. I think the Kyle was written as someone with Asperger's Syndrome, but I'm not sure. I'm going to get my masters degree in Flight Simulation and Control in about 2 years, so I'm getting that job for real ;)

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