Cowboy Pilots...

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Cowboy Pilots...

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Post by mauriceb »

For a moment there I thought he was going to do a loop. :shock:. I wonder how many alarms where blasting away during this joy ride :-k :D


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Post by pcos »

I was watching him pull up.. up.. up..
amazing. I always thought the B757 was over powered.. empty.. yikes!

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757 Huba Huba
A DHL one did a show at Biggin Hill last year, took off in 1800m, I wish I had a film!

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Post by mondriver »

That's a cool video !

I have to say, having flown the 75 for nearly 10 years, it still makes my eyes water when I position a 65ton empty aircraft and use full power for take off...(for fun!)

Love it !

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Post by MarkusPilot »

After watching the video and thinking "what is the max pitch angle" I thought "I wonder how much fuel is in the main tanks?"

Would not like to see both Fuel "LOW PRESSURE" lights come on due to the high nose attitude and the supply line being exposed.
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When I click on any video on putfile I get this:
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By renting your own dedicated server you have full control over your Web presence:

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* Customizing and partitioning the storage space to your unique requirements.

The drawback of this service is that dedicated servers typically cost much more than using a shared server, and often the level of technical knowledge required keeps them out of reach of beginners. Managed dedicated servers offer all the benefits of unmanaged servers, but eliminate the need to know how to manage and secure a server.
Does anyone have this problem too?
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What is really cool is having the real pilots in here to give us the feedback we other people love to hear about stuff like this video. Thanks guys!
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