Ok lets be honest here :)

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Ok lets be honest here :)

Post by warvet »

Being totally honest has any of the following happened to you?

1. PM CDU froze in middle of a flight and need to be rebooted just before landing.

2. PM FCU automatically set IAS to 140 you cant get it to release that number and next hear STALL ! STALL! at 20+000 ft

3. FS9 crashes saying your out of memory but you have a 250 gig hd and you still have 20 gig available :(

4. PM PFD/ND freezes and needs reboot in mid flight.

5. You go to setup your sim for a flight and PM has reset the FCU or CDU so it requires the pass key to use it again so you scramble through your files trying to find something you thought youd never use again.

6. You tell your friends about what amazing scenery your sim has its must see you fire it all up (15-20 min later) you take off and the scenery looks like shit cause your frame rates are at 5-8 for no forseen reason, and you try to divert their attention by saying but thats ok check out this amazing overhead ;)

7. Your in this awesome flight just you and the stars for 3 hrs in middle of night and your damn cordless keyboard battery dies or mouse :( and your getting ready to land.

8. Your enjoying this amazing beautiful flight over some exotic location feeling like a ral Airline Capt coffee in hand reviewing your jepp charts when you hear STALL STALL and your autopliot seems to have taken a crap your flipping upside down you freak out tip your coffee and it spills all over your beautifully lit pedestal and you spend the rest of the night pulling out all your ped panels and cleaning the sticky dustballs off of them. :(

9. You did a perfect no event 9 hr flight about to land at dawn on final your CDU or FCU takes a crap and BAM your part of someones front yard in a country that you cant even speak the language.

10. Your right in the middle of a flight that has been interupted nummerous times by family and phone calls etc, then it happens microsoft either decides to do a files check or an update or something that immediately locks you up till they are done.

YES! these things have all happened to me. WHY? I have no idea, I have top of the line equip, high super speed cpus, tons of memory but shit still happens. So admit it its happened to you too hasnt it?, share your nightmares and if anyone has answers to them please share.


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Post by bwr014 »

Don't you have a sim to build buddy? :P


Frans M

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Post by mauriceb »

"3. FS9 crashes saying your out of memory but you have a 250 gig hd and you still have 20 gig available "

This isn't a disk drive problem. Out of memory means out of physical memory, not disk space. Sounds like you may have a memory leak somewhere (not the type you have in long flights :-) ) or maybe a flaky memory chip.
This probably would also explain the various crashes you are experiencing. Since you squander your money right left & centre :-), if I were you I would replace all the memory chips in your main system and see if that helps. After all, it's only a pittance compared to the odd 70+ K you have already spent on your sim :-)

You may also want to run some diagnostics such as this one:

Anyway, that was just a suggestion. Hope you get better tips from others


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Memory Issues

Post by W9XE/Project777 »


I normally don't reply to often to post but I wanted to comment on memory.

I would not jump at replacing the memory chips just yet. If you are having a memory leak use the system monitor to see what is peaking. Also use Task Monitor to see what windows is running in the back ground. Most memory problems stem from software. If you are running virus software like Norton which uses a lot of memory make sure its turned off prior to flight.

You might create a pre-flight computer checklist prior to a long flight, shut down any service not required for flight. Performance may increase as well.
Larry Vandivier

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Post by jackpilot »

Hi Tim
I have close to none of those problems.....but mine is not a perfect solution. :idea:
My main computer was built to be uniquely dedicated to MSFS...wich means no internet connection, no antivirus, no firewall, no Office, no Outlook etc ...nothing running in the background...windows XP barebones. It runs the sim..period.

Drawbacks are :
No real weather on line (I download it on my regular computer and load the files on the FS9 computer with a USB key
No Vatsim.

I get very good performance, no hickups, no freezes...
It is not perfect but it works :roll:
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Disk space

Post by dc6driver »


You mentioned a 250GB hard drive with 20GB space free.You should never fill an NTFS drive more than 85% full, or the Master File Table [MFT] can become badly fragmented, making the drive slow. This may have nothing to do with any problems you're experiencing but might help speed up the hdd. Use something like Diskeeper to defrag the MFT.

Regards, Fritz

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