Dual Joysticks and Wideclient

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Dual Joysticks and Wideclient

Post by luker »

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question you may be able to answer. In my flightdeck setup I want to be able to use two joysticks for a Captain and First Officer set up. If I connect both joysticks to the FS2004 host computer then I have no problems controlling the plane with either joystick.

However is it possible to connect one joystick to a computer not running FS2004 and then connect to the flight simulator host using wideclient and thus allowing the joystick not connected physically to the computer running FS2004 to control the aircraft ?

I have tried it briefly with no success and I think I read that currently wideclient only passes keystrokes and not axis information to the flight simulator host computer. Is this correct ? or have a stuffed up something in my wideclient settings.

Any advice apreciated.


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Post by gcoyle »

Hi Luke,
You are correct, WideFS does not pass the Joystick axis readings to the FS host. You would either have to write some code or use one of the interface cards that allow you to do this. I use the MCPEX expansion board from CPFlight which does send connected joysitck axis settings to FSUIPC on the FS host. I'm sure plenty of other boards do this, I'm just not familiar with them.

One thing to bear in mind if you do this however is that currently FSUIPC only allows management and callibration of joysticks connected to the FS host machine and not widefs clients so you're basically stuck with whatever your widefs board and sofware put in the FSUIPC offsets. This can be a real pain as I'm discovering with configuring my throttle quadrant.


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