Jon Boe (B747 USA) Project Update

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Jon Boe (B747 USA) Project Update

Post by pcos »

Jon sent in a picture of his B747 IBL/EM1 Overhead with the new Fire Handles installed.
We had the pleasure of Jon's presence in the shop two weeks ago while we worked on a B747-400 FBT that we are completing in the shop.
Jon has done a huge amount of work on the PM SYSTEMS end of things to push the functionality level way up. Watching Jon work was great as he is a true whiz and really knows his way around.
The B747FBT is a much more versatile training unit with his work. The Project Magenta software package really did the job and we are test flying the setup with ease. Really great to see this.
Thanks again to Jon for jumping in and rolling up his sleeves.

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Post by melnato »

AWSOME stuff Jon and PC :shock:


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Post by ran56 »

OMG :shock:
Looks amazing :D
I know at least one guy that is going to be pissed at me after I'll show
him this pic :lol:
Ran Finkels
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Post by ludwig »

Very nice Jon! 8)
Luis Gordo
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Post by W9XE/Project777 »

A beautiful piece of work... :D

Thanks Jon and Peter
Larry Vandivier

Jon Boe
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Post by Jon Boe »

Thanks guys. To be honest, the only thing I made was the box frame to hold the panels and the start switches. Everything else reflects PC's genius.


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Post by pcos »

Way too humble this guy....
You give Jon parts and he comes back with the entire overhead acting like a B747. Logic and all. Enrico could use his work and push the B747 far far ahead. It was awesome watching all the systems alive in the B747FBT here.
Bonus that Jon had the same setup at his end. Really amazing work on all of that. Engine Start switches are his own devices as well btw.

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Post by Tomlin »

Very, VERY impressive product/project here. Thanks for sharing!
Eric Tomlin
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Post by vidarf »

...and we are test flying the setup with....
Where do I send my application for the FDS test pilot job? :D

REALLY nice setup! Truly inspiring for me, so thanks for sharing pics! :)

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