Looking to get back into the sim with JetMax-777SKTQ

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Looking to get back into the sim with JetMax-777SKTQ

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Hello, been a very long time since I posted here.

I have been out of flight sim for several years now. Was really planning a big project but life got in the way. Over the past few years I have been remodeling my older 1962 house to more up to date. Well this year the final 2 projects will be complete and I can get back to my sim project.

While I was away FDS has update there B777 line to include the JetMax-777SKTQ . I always wanted to build the B777 DSTD but now looking at the JetMax this is a considerable cost savings and takes up less room. Room has now become an issue.

I got to meet Peter Cos and FlightDeck Solutions first look at their IBL line at the IFC Conference 2006 in Denver. Was impressed how much FDS had advanced over the years. I origanily was building the B717 and purchased there panels. Really good wooden product and price was right. Later decided B777 was a better option due to lack of software support for the 717. While in Denver I got some time in the United Airlines B777 Level “D� simulator. That’s something I will never forget.

I had added a room for the flight sim but now it’s a large storage room. I have decided to enlarge my music studio to include my flight sim and my Amateur Radio shack. Using Argosy Consoles most of my music and ham radio stuff will be installed in them. It leaves me with more room to set up a sim. With using the JetMax 777 I think I will have enough room for a small helicopter sim. I like flying them when I want to just play around local.

So looking at the JetMax site I see a lot of images on builders and what they have done with JetMax. Not sure if I can do the projector but can do 2 or 3 monitor setup. I did pick up a 21x9 curved monitor for my music computer. Going to test that with flight sim. Two of them may work nicely with a cost just over a 3 monitor setup but will only have 1 line in the middle between the 2 screens. I would like t hear from anyone who has purchased the JetMax 777 especially to see how it’s worked for them. I purchased both Project Magenta and Sim-Avionics before FDS started working with them. I want to use the Sim-Avionics since it seems to be more up to date. My copy would be quite old so I am sure there has been updates with it. Like to know how it’s working the JetMax. Has anyone purchased the FDS B777 Pro overhead and to use with JetMax? I haven’t seen a support structure yet that has come out for JetMax and there overheads. I did see an overhead on a touch screen but not sure I want to go that route.

I would appreciate any comments on using the JetMax, looks like a great option when the DSTD wont work.

Larry W9XE
www.project777.net (need to update)
Larry Vandivier

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