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Radar Contact

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:56 pm    Post subject: Radar Contact Reply with quote

Here is the scenario.

I am running WideView for my 3 pc/views each with a copy of Prepar3D and FSUIPC (only the master has WideServer enabled). I want to run Radar Contact on my left view pc to spread the load.

I installed RC on the left computer which has a copy of FSUIPC runing (WideServer disabled)

Radar contact runs okay but gets stuck when I have to tune to a com frequency as requested by RC (I have auto tune option off in RC).

I change the frequency on my FDS com1 radio but nothing happens as far as RC is concerned.

I believe this is because the left hand screen computer does not get that frequency (only the master center screen pc).

After some research I found a pair of LUA scripts designed to write the radio offset frequencies from the "master" copy of Prepar3D/FSUIPC to a file that can then be read by a slave copy of Prepar3d/FSUIPC.

This is the LUA script that writes to a file


-- lua plugin to write updated COM/NAV frequencies and other data to local data.txt file at SERVER
-- this plugin to be located in the SERVER FSX\Modules folder
-- add this lua to the [Auto] section of the SERVER FSUIPC

function processdata(offset, value)

COM1freq = ipc.readUW(0x034E)
COM2freq = ipc.readUW(0x3118)
NAV1freq = ipc.readUW(0x0350)
NAV2freq = ipc.readUW(0x0352)

-- code string, just numbers in order with non-number separators
local value = string.format("COMone=" .. COM1freq .. ",COMtwo=" .. COM2freq .. ",NAVone=" .. NAV1freq .. ",NAVtwo=" .. NAV2freq)

file = io.open("data.txt","w")


event.offset(0x034E, "UW", "processdata")
event.offset(0x3118, "UW", "processdata")
event.offset(0x0350, "UW", "processdata")
event.offset(0x0352, "UW", "processdata")

and this is the script that reads from the file into the offsets on the slave screen pc


-- lua plugin to copy NAV/COM frequencies and other data from data.txt file in Server FSX\Modules to local FSUIPC offsets
-- this plugin to be located in the CLIENT FSX\Modules folder, and is run automatically on a 500 mSec interval (can be changed)
-- add this lua to the [Auto] section of the CLIENT FSUIPC

function processdata(time)

file = io.open("\\PREPAR3DCENTER\LockheedMartin\Prepar3D v3\Modules\data.txt","r")
value = file:read()
-- decode string, just numbers in order with non-number separators
w = string.gmatch(value, "[+-]?[0-9%.?]+")

COM1freq = w()
COM2freq = w()
NAV1freq = w()
NAV2freq = w()

ipc.writeUW(0x034E, COM1freq)
ipc.writeUW(0x3118, COM2freq)
ipc.writeUW(0x0350, NAV1freq)
ipc.writeUW(0x0352, NAV2freq)


event.timer(500, "processdata")

The write script is working as its creating the data.txt file. However, the frequencies written to it do not reflect what I have input into the FDS radios and I cannot figure out why - Any ideas welcome.

Once I get the correct frequencies written to the data.txt file I can move onto testing the receive LUA script. I am not sure that I have got this line correct in the receive LUA script.

file = io.open("\\PREPAR3DCENTER\LockheedMartin\Prepar3D v3\Modules\data.txt","r")

in terms of the correct syntax for the master file location (the machine name is PREPAR3DCENTER - If someone could advise.

Once all the above is working I can then see if it solves the Radar Contact problem.

Off course there may be an easier way and again I am open to suggestions.

Once again thanks for any help.

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