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64 bit P3D - Some initial observations

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:04 am    Post subject: 64 bit P3D - Some initial observations Reply with quote

I found the move to P3D V4 easier than the move from FSX to P3D and I think that is because once you get to know P3D not much has changed in that interface.

Thanks to Nige for his post that gave me enough courage to take the plunge. I pretty much followed those suggestions to the letter.

I set up V4 in its own root directory parallel to my V3 setup. I didn’t touch my working config in case I ran into trouble.

You absolutely need to delete all the key assignments that will come back with the new version.

I found that FSUPIC 5 needed all the TQ, Steering tiller, Yoke & Rudder inputs to be recalibrated. In fact, I had to do a base calibration in Windows 10 before my steering tiller settled down. Copying the FSUPICV4.ini to the new FSUIPC location and renaming was a good start, however.

Checking flight controls pre/flight I found some differences with the spoiler. It would deploy ok but not retract immediately. Interestingly after about a minute, it retracts by itself ok. In flight, it works as expected and also 100% fine with being armed and deploying during landing roll out. So no issues.

In flight, I had a slight pitch oscillation at cruise altitude and added a little more damping to the SimA 737 model which cured that.

I had previously had an issue getting my yoke mounted trim switches working and with the move, they stopped function again. To be more accurate, they made the trim number flutter as if trying to change but it didn’t change. Rechecked all assignments and my previous notes, exactly correct in FSUIPC. I assigned to keyboard switches to the trim up and down to check that I could move the trim and that worked fine. Finally, I reassigned the yoke switches directly to these switch allocations as a workaround. It actually works quicker than before. I am interested in feedback about any issues with setting it up this way. Don’t have a powered TQ so it’s just used on initial flight prep.

I installed released 64bit baseline Orbix files and the 64 bit Beta version of Active Sky. No add on airports ported yet. I have made several complete flights now and things are working very well.

I think the results are excellent. Clouds out to the horizon and scenery significantly better. I particularly like the smoothness of the screen panning when taxing in a circle. This always produced an obvious jumpy movement before the 64-bit performance was added. I would say the software has caught up with the capabilities of the hardware platform.

I made no changes to my Sim-Avionics computer or software, apart from checking the FSUIPC wide driver connected ok. This computer is still Windows 7 32bit version and all Microsoft updates are turned off.
My P3D server is running a 64bit version of Windows 10, with a decent i7 CPU and high-end graphics card. Memory is 16Gb but I might upgrade this. I have three 29” monitors for the external views and now I think this is going to prompt a move to something a little bigger!

Sorry for the long post, hope it’s useful.

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