Jetmax throttle stops working

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Jetmax throttle stops working

Post by signmanbob »

This problem has been going on with my 737 Throttle Quadrant for a long time and I am about to rip my hair out, it is so frustrating.
I'll have a flight all set up and I'm ready to taxi after getting instructions on Pilotedge. Then my Jetmax throttle just stops working!
I check in the controller driver properties and where it normally says "HID-compliant game controller" and "USB Input Device" both listed in the box together, it now only says "USB Input Device" and the "HID-compliant game controller" text has disappeared.
Sometimes if I unplug the USB connector and re-plug it, it will come back, but most of the time it will not. Sometimes, if I disable and re-enable the driver, it will come back, but most of the time it will not.
The only sure solution is to completely shut down my flightsim, loose everything I have set up for the flight, and restart my computer, and have to start all over again.
Once it is restarted, it will work until it drops "HID-compliant game controller" text from the properties again.
This is the ONLY controller that has this problem. I have several PFC controllers and never-ever have any problem with them like this.
I see in the forums that others are having the same problem with this throttle quadrant, but I don't see any solutions for it.
I've paid a lot of money for this 737 throttle quadrant and it is a very, very nice and well made piece of equipment when it is working. I believe it should not have this kind of connection problems, that are non-existent even with cheap Saitek controllers.
Please help me to get this controller that I purchased from you, working as it should.

Thank you,
Robert Yunque



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Post by MichaelYSSY »

Hi Robert
There's quite a few topics here on this forum regarding TQ and other USB devices dropping out.
Usually it's a windows problem and you'll need to check your USB Device settings. Also note that most windows updates change those settings back to a default settings so after a windows update you may need to check again.

Here is a link to one of these posts on this forum. ... ight=sleep

Other than that it could be a faulty USB lead ?

Good luck
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Post by gpratt »

I am having the same issue with the TQ freezing/crashing. Sometimes the computer starts and the TQ is not working. Sometimes I am able to do one flight but as soon as I restart P3D the TQ isn't working. No movement of any axis or switches seen in the game controller.
Sometimes after restarting a flight engines are pitched up at 80% and are stuck there.
Have altered my power management settings so that the USB is on constantly but hasn't helped. Replaced the USB leads no luck there.
I don't remember having this issue in windows 7 so may be a windows 10 issue.
I did get an error message from windows saying that the issue could be that the TQ should be placed in a USB2 socket rather than a USB3. Has anyone found this solves the problem.
Anything else I can try or has anyone found a solution to this problem.

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Post by Jetcos »

I did a quick search and found this post: ... t&start=15

One other setting to check:

In Power Options select High Performance then Advanced there is a USB setting which will be Enabled, it is called USB selective suspend setting. Select disabled from the drop down list.

Then the Device Manager for the USB Power Management settings to be unchecked.
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Post by Winstonc »

I use to have the same problem, but after following the advice in the other posts I have not had the problem in a long time.

One thing to be aware of is that Windows updates seem to reset the settings back.


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Post by gpratt »

Thanks Guys. Have unchecked on every USB device individually. Looks like either a windows update had checked some of them or the global power management setting doesn't cover all of the devices. Hopefully have got the TQ sorted now. Will see how it goes next few weeks.

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Post by hillryanc »

Guys, not sure if it will solve your particular problem, but when my TQ freezes or stops working or just doesn’t “connect� on startup, I just unplug the USB from the computer , wait 2-3 seconds, plug it back in, and it always reconnects.

Hope this helps.

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