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** Version 1.931 ** Available

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:30 pm    Post subject: ** Version 1.931 ** Available Reply with quote

Please find version 1.931 available here Dancing

Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20Main%20Installer%201.931.exe

1.931 contains a few fixes that were spotted in 1.93
There are also a few extras.

# CPT and F/O view offset menu added to Server > Aircraft Details tab.
   This allows for a CPT and F/O rotation offset to been added to help correct the crabbing effect on non-collimated visual systems.
   Rather than the view being set for the centre of the flightdeck,
   you can apply an offset to correct the view for either the CPT side or FO side, depending on who is flying.
   (Correcting the view for the pilot flying will cause the crabbing effect to be twice as bad for the pilot not flying.)
   Once the offset degrees have been set in the Server, the View offset can be changed real time via the CDU Menu :
   MENU > SIM OPTIONS > SIM > Page 3 > CPT View / FO View
   For this to be effective you should either have your P3D view setup as a single window or as a ViewGroup.

# PAYLOAD / CG adjustment
   After a payload change is made, an automatic "Aircraft balancer" adjusts the payload to place the CG% within limits. ~21%-23%
   Previously with low payloads the balancer would add cargo to try to balance the aircraft.
   Validation has now been added to prevent this from happening.
   The balancer now does the best job it can with the given payload.
   At any time you can set a different CG and the balancer will attempt to set the CG with the available Payload.

SYSBOARD Controller
# Fixed a display problem with FDS ADF2 modules
# Set CPT View, Set FO View, Reset View : Input assignment function added
# Added "Sensitivity" (Sens) option to the main flight controls. This is similar to the FSUIPC 'slope' function and adds Expo to the axis. This allows you to increase or decrease the axis response around the centre point.
# Added "Smoothing" option to the main Flight controls. A larger value will slow (and smooth) the response time between input and control input.

The v1.90 links below are still applicable if you are updating from a version prior to v1.90.
If you are already running v1.90 or higher you just need to run the v1.93 installer on ALL of your sim computers where Sim-A programs are running.

After Installation I would still recommend recalling the defaults.
There are buttons on the Server [Autopilot / Recalls] tab.
They recall the latest settings for :
Autopilot Tuning,
Flaps Configuration,
Engine Parameters.

Updating to v1.90 from an earlier version....
A new ONLINE Activation system has been added to this release.
When the v1.90 Server is first run you will need to activate it.

The Computer ID is no longer used and instead you will activate using your online license key by pressing "Activate ONLINE".

Customers will be setup with a single online license that you can use on any computer. However only one computer can be active at a time.
So if you want to move your license to another computer you should first "Deactivate" the license. This will free up your license and allow you to Reactivate it.
Many of you have already received an online license. If you don't have one please email support.
It you have any problems with online activation the original method is still available, in which case you should select "Activate STATIC"

Version 1.90 can be run with the existing aircraft released with v1.80,
But I would suggest you ensure you have the latest aircraft installed by using the links below.
You can simple run the latest aircraft installer on you P3D computer and it will update the aircraft.

New 737 Aircraft Pack
Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20737%20Aircraft%20v1.9.exe

New 777 Aircraft Pack
Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20777%20Aircraft%20v1.9.exe

New 737Max Aircraft Pack
Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20737Max%20Aircraft%20v1.0.exe

There is also an updated Sound Pack.
Arrow http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Sound%20Pack.exe
(Please Note: You may get Sound Module errors if this sound pack has not been installed)
Volume levels can be set for individual sounds on the Sound Module > Sound Control Tab.

After Installation
There are buttons on the Server [Autopilot / Recalls] tab.
They recall the latest settings for :
Autopilot Tuning,
Flaps Configuration,
Engine Parameters.

It is important that you press each of these buttons to update your config files and then SAVE the aircraft config in the Server, by going to "Aircraft Specific > Save Aircraft". This will write the values to your loaded .cfg file.

This update is suitable for all Sim-Avionics users : Jetmax, SSTD+ and DSTD+

The full Jetmax installers can be found below.
These are only require if you are installing a Jetmax from scratch.
If you already have your Jetmax system installed then you should run the standard installer at the top of this post.

Arrow Full 737 Jetmax Installer - http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20JETMAX%20737%20Installer%201.90.exe

Arrow Full 777 Jetmax Installer - http://www.sim-avionics.com/downloads/Sim-Avionics%20Flightdeck%20Avionics%20JETMAX%20777%20Installer%201.90.exe

Please report any problems to me at support@sim-avionics.com

Also, Pleeeeease Laughing read the LatestVersionInfo.txt and ReleaseNotes.txt found in the \Documentation folder.
Logic Changes plus Important and Useful information can be found in these files.
Please note : There have been numerous updates and fixes in this release and not all have been documented, so just because it's not in the change logs - it doesn't mean that it hasn't been fixed.

Mark Hastings
Software Developer
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