Can't get VNAV to engage with 1.80 and above (RESOLVED)

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Can't get VNAV to engage with 1.80 and above (RESOLVED)

Post by belisba »

I haven't seen anything about this on other threads, but no matter what I seem to do I can never get VNAV to select and remain selected (PERF/VNAV NOT AVAILABLE on CDU) with software ver 1.80 and above.

I've verified 1.70 works well (also ver 1.788, although seems to be a bit toucher to engage).

To test, I've flow the exact same scenerio and CDU flightplan with several different software configurations, all the way up to joy.

VNAV for me only available in ver 1.70 and 1.788. Ver 1.80, 1.83, and 1.85 not working.

I've done the usual each steps: Recalls, save each aircraft, etc. I've done stand-alone 1.80 installations as well as 1.70 overwrites. No joy. Very frustrating.

One note: I only start seeing overhead switchology logic errors (YAW DAMPER and L/R PACKS), along with Yaw Damper out of control issues with 1.80 and above.

Any help would be appreciated. Hate to just stay with 1.788.


P3D ver 4.2
SA Software Version 1.80+
MIP- JetMax-737SKTQ
Overhead -JetMax-737OH1
Throttle Quadrant - JetMax-737TQ
Transponder- JetMax-737-XPNDR
Rudder Pedals-Cirrus PFC (Boeing Style
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Post by MarkHastings »

VNAV will not activate if you haven't activated the PERF INIT.
Check the PERF INIT page says : ACT PERF INIT
Mark Hastings
Software Developer

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Post by belisba »

Well, there it is....Thanks Mark.

Figured I was just lacking in some step cause didn't see anyone else having this issue on the forum...glad it was actually that simple.

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