777 MX MCP IBL Issue

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777 MX MCP IBL Issue

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Got my 777-MX-MCP1 in the mail and I am having some trouble with the IBL lighting.

I have the IBL-DIST-DIMM connected to a 3v power source and confirmed the 3v with a multi-meter (777 requires 3v). When I have everything connected and power on, the pot works, but doesn't get the IBL to its lowest setting (or atleast what I expected) where I cannot see the green lighting.

I checked the pot with a multi-meter and it goes down all the way on resistance, but when it is connected to the board and power is on the IBL still clearly lights up in the lowest pot setting. On the other side when I turn the pot the other-way it does brighten up, so I know the pot is working.

Just wondering if it is the board, or is the lowest setting still going to have lighting to the IBL (the amount of light coming through in the lowest setting is quite brighter than what I would of figured it would be, since I was given a video of someones 777 IBL dim and in the dark it went down low enough you couldn't see the IBL lighting, when as in my lowest setting it is very visible in a dark and bright room)


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