Elevator Trim

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Robert Kidd
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Elevator Trim

Post by Robert Kidd »

I have a B777 DSTD cockpit and run FDS Throttle & trim controller software.
I need help with getting the Elevator Trim to work.
If someone can walk me through the process, it would be appreciated.

In the FDS Throttle Controller software you can calibrate eg throttles etc but
not the elevator and rudder trim. So, where do you go to calibrate them?
On the TQ there are 2 levers, 1 Altn Trim and second Trim.
Do you use both levers or only one to adjust the trim?
On the MFD under the fltc tab the default trim is 4.16 from memory.

While flying in the sim, trying to adjust the trim, using the levers seem to make no difference, the numbers change on the MFD but are not smooth increases of decreases very erratic and you have to move the levers many times before there is a response (change in the numbers).

It would be great to get the trim to work and add to the pleasure of flying the 777.

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Post by MarkHastings »

Your Yoke Trim Switch should be assigned in FSUIPC Buttons.
FSUIPC assignment informantion can be found in the Server menu > Offset Assignment Info

Trim UP
Function : Offset Byte Set
Offset : x53F4
Parameter : 1
Repeat while held = ON

on Release
Function : Offset Byte Set
Offset : x53F4
Parameter : 0

Function : Offset Byte Set
Offset : x53F4
Parameter : 2
Repeat while held = ON

on Release
Function : Offset Byte Set
Offset : x53F4
Parameter : 0

On the ground this will directly set the Stab Trim.
Airbourne with FBW enable this will set the FBW Trim Reference Speed.
Mark Hastings
Software Developer

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