W10 V1803 and ASN WX RADAR - INFO

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W10 V1803 and ASN WX RADAR - INFO

Post by Banananav »

Having "upgraded" to w10 Pro (from W7) on my 3 networked pcs I have found, as everyone else has, that PC NAME identifiers no longer work.

Solution = used fixed IP addresses, which we all do anyway, and Map the drives and folders.

However, mapped drive letters do not seem to work when setting the "radar.bin" path in FSUIPC5.ini.

SOLUTION = use the AVIONICS PC IP Address thus:

ASNwxRadarPath=\\\e\Sim-Avionics\WX\radar bin where "e" is the drive in which the Sim-Avionics folder sits.

Hope this helps and stops someone else spending a couple of hours trying to resolve the issue.

Chris Finn

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Post by 787 George »

Thanks Chris!

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